Why Do Fire Doors Have To Be Kept Closed

Why Do Fire Doors Have To Be Kept Closed

Why Do Fire Doors Have To Be Kept Closed

Regardless of the type of commercial premises, fire safety and protection is of the utmost importance. Within your fire safety plan, fire doors play an integral role. The role they provide could save someone’s life and limit the damage in the event of a fire. 

They’re designed and manufactured to meticulously act as a barrier against the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. Fire doors must be kept closed at all times, unless they have a fire door retainer installed, in order to comply with latest fire safety regulations and maximise fire safety.

In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why fire doors must be kept closed and the pivotal role they play in safeguarding lives and property.

Here are some of the main points we will talk about:

  • Stopping fire and smoke
  • Protection of escape routes
  • Compartmentation 
  • Minimises property damage
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations

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Stopping Fire and Smoke

One of the main functions of a fire door is to prevent and stop the spreading of fire and smoke. This of course can only be achieved when the door is closed. Fires can happen at any time with commercial or industrial premises and so keeping the fire door shut provides more chances of keeping it out. This containment behaviour buys precious time for occupants to evacuate safely and for emergency responders to address the situation. 

Protection of Escape Routes

If a fire occurs within your premises then a quick and organised evacuation will be required. Keeping fire doors closed at all times will keep pathways to safety clear and protected meaning there is always a route out the building that is away from the fire itself. If doors are left open then it gives the fire a chance to spread. Essentially, properly closed fire doors ensure that escape routes are not compromised, facilitating a more efficient evacuation process.


Compartmentation is where a building is strategically divided into distinct areas that will mean fire won’t spread as easy should one break out. Fire doors are crucial parts of this strategy because they act as the barriers between each compartment. If fire doors are left open, the compartmentation breaks down, and fire can quickly extend to multiple areas of the building. Closed fire doors are critical in upholding the effectiveness of compartmentation and preventing the wild spread of the flames, smoke and toxic gases.

Minimises Property Damage

As well as saving human life, fire doors also contribute towards minimising the damage done from fire. If a fire spreads, it will cause havoc and destroy much of what stands in its way including furniture, paperwork, ornaments, appliances, equipment and more. Keeping your fire doors closed will provide more time to put the fire out and keep it from harm’s way. By diligently keeping fire doors closed, property owners and occupants contribute to the preservation of their investments and assets.

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

The latest fire safety regulations are made to ensure people remain safe inside and outside of buildings. This is no different when relating to fire. Many local areas require the installation and proper maintenance of fire doors in compliance with specific standards. The requirement to keep fire doors closed is often explicitly stated in these regulations. 

Particularly in buildings where customers may be free-roaming around, it’s of paramount importance to ensure your fire doors are closed. Don’t get caught short from a legal stand-point because it will cost you a lot of time and financial resources. If you’re unsure about your building’s compliance, please get in touch with JST Construction.

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The importance of keeping fire doors closed cannot be overstated. Fire and smoke can spread rapidly once let loose so ensuring you’re compartmentalising your building efficiently is crucial and potentially life saving. We’ve stated some reasons why you need to keep your fire doors shut and we hope they’ve helped you to understand why it’s needed. 

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