Where Are Fire Doors Required In The UK?

Where Are Fire Doors Required In The UK?

Where Are Fire Doors Required In The UK?

JST Construction are commonly asked by our clients; where are fire doors required in the UK? It’s an important question and one that we aim to answer in full detail in our latest blog post. It’s important to ensure that you are fully compliant with the latest fire safety regulations not only to avoid hefty prosecutions, but to provide maximum fire safety for your premises, occupants, or employees.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are constructed and made to withstand the elements of fire, should one break out within your premises. Fire doors are made to be able to combat and conserve fire for up to 60 minutes which buys time for the fire brigade and emergency services to arrive. Fire doors are made from fire-resistant material so it is not possible to convert a normal door into this specialist feature. All fire doors installed by companies like JST Construction must also be put through safety inspections to ensure they are fit-for-purpose.

Commercial & industrial Premises

It is a legal requirement for all commercial and industrial premises to have the sufficient and adequate fire doors professionally installed and certified by an accredited fire door company. Premises such as cafes, factories, warehouses, retail outlets, and shops must have fire doors installed for every level of the building. In line with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, doors must be properly sealed in the event of a fire. It is the responsibility of the dedicated ”responsible person” within your company to ensure that the adequate fire doors are professionally installed, inspected, and serviced by a fire door company.

Domestic Buildings

In some instances, fire doors are required within domestic building and domestic premises. Fire doors are required for places like blocks of flats and houses with multiple occupants where fire safety is paramount for the safeguarding or residents and students. Moreover, any property that has three or more floors required a fire doors fitted to every room that leads from a stairwell. For example, if you have recently undertaken a loft conversion for your home as part of renovation work and there are now three floors to your property, you legally require fire doors installed be a professional fire door company.

Identifying Fire Doors

If you’re looking to clearly identify fire doors, there are a few obvious things to look out for. One of the easiest ways to identifying fire doors is by looking for the mandatory signage which is usually presented with the visual element of the a blue stick with white writing which clearly reads ‘fire door keep shut’. There are also clear components of fire doors which include gaps around the tops and sides of the fire doors, intumescent seals which are heat sensitive, hinged, and closing mechanisms which allows the door to close itself.

Fire Doors & Safe Use Tips

fire rated doors

Now you know ”where are fire doors required in the UK”’, it’s also important to know the safe use tips for fire doors to ensure maximum fire safety and protection. Firstly, we always recommend choosing accredited professionals to install your fire doors so that you are guaranteed certification and proof of installation, as well as peace of mind. Secondly, ensure that you have the appropriate door closure mechanisms to avoid frames and hinges being damaged. Other fire doors and safe use tips include ensuring fire door seals are kept in good condition around the door and also ensuring the fire door handle close easily without force.

How JST Construction Make A Difference

Following the awful events at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, we decided to take fire safety more seriously than ever. We promptly got our BM TRADA certification to manage facilities more effectively. JST Construction’s fire risk management team works tirelessly to improve your commercial spaces’ fire compliance. That is what sets us apart from our contemporaries. To distinguish ourselves from others, we have designed our fire plans in a way to reduce the risks of fire hazards across all industrial and commercial units.

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