What Is The Purpose Of Fire Doors?

What Is The Purpose Of Fire Doors?

What is the purpose of fire doors?

Fire doors hold great significance and importance within almost any building. They are essentially a fire-proof protective layer that could potentially save someone’s life in the case of an emergency. There’s a whole host of types of fire doors and a range of things to do to ensure they’re fully functional at all times too.

n this blog, we will explore the purpose of fire doors, different sorts of fire doors and how we can help you, your property or your business.

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Key points covered in regards to the importance of space planning will include;-

  • Why do you require fire door(s)
  • Types of fire doors
  • What fire doors are to be considered

Why do you need a fire door?

Having a fire door is actually a legal obligation for any property that isn’t a single dwelling. This means that all businesses, organisations, apartment blocks and large buildings will need fire doors by law.

Other than any legalities, fire doors are a must have because of their primary function and purpose which is to stop fire, smoke and toxic gases from entering part of a building for a set period of time.

This time is then used to evacuate anyone from the burning building. Fire doors are made from a series of materials that together, combine to make a structure that is resistant to fire and other things for a decent amount of time.

So, what we’ve established here is that despite the fact that you need fire doors by law, there is a responsibility to have them anyway because you’re protecting yourself and others who enter and exit your building.

It’s also your responsibility to get your fire doors maintained by a professional company every year and for you to do checks for wear and tear every week. 

Types of fire doors

There’s a couple of different types of fire doors which we will go through now. Each little difference is worth considering because depending on what you use your building for, or what type of building you have, it could make a real difference to your picking. The size, scale and operation of your building is all worth considering when you’re dealing with choosing the perfect fire door.

Anyway, let’s get into the different types of fire doors. It’s fairly simple to grasp the theme here but the most common fire door types are categorised as ‘FD’ standing for fire door, followed by a number representing how many minutes it can withstand fire. The most common ones therefore, are; FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120.

To give some more detail on further types of fire doors, you do have different materials and specifications you can look into. These are fire doors such as;

  • Single internal wooden fire doors
  • Steel hinged fire doors
  • Flame armour fire doors

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What fire doors for my property / building?

You may be wondering now, what’s the best fire door to get?

The truthful answer is that there isn’t a one size fits all option when it comes to fire doors. Every single building is so unique in its own way so just saying any old answer would be irresponsible of us and simply wrong.

Many buildings will suffice with FD30 but it’s well worth considering the lay-out of your building, the number of people who are flowing in and out of it and also how safe you’d like it to be.

To give an example, a manufacturing facility, where the chances of fire are higher, then say an office building, they may opt for FD60 or 90 to protect lots of people for longer against fire.

There are lots of different factors to think about that may persuade you to go one way or another

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