Six Considerations When Undergoing Office Fit Outs

Six Considerations When Undergoing Office Fit Outs

Six Considerations When Undergoing Office Fit Outs

Undertaking an office fit out can be overwhelming and daunting but when you choose an experienced company just like JST Construction, we make it so much easier for you as we can handle the design process, construction process, and also provide after-sales care too. There is so much to think about and consider which is why our team have created this latest blog on our top 5 important considerations when undergoing an office fit out. These are the top six considerations that we see of the most importance for 2022.

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Think About Ergonomics

It’s no secret that as human beings, we are spending more and more time sitting down, and a lot of that is because of the way we work. In fact, the average person spends over 8 hours sitting down every single day. Therefore, ergonomics has become more important than ever in order to give employees the flexibility (literally) to move around within the office and have direct access to ergonomic office furniture including adjustable task chairs, stand-up desks, and padded floor mats. Having different ergonomic furniture well-positioned throughout your office space is integral and this should be carefully designed throughout the design process.

Ensure Private Spaces

Another key consideration that should be of high importance when it comes to office fit out is ensuring that there are enough private spaces within the office. This is important so that directors and employees within your business have the private space – when needed – to handle important client calls, on-boarding calls, and host meetings too. Moreover, you may also want to consider quiet spaces as certain employees may perform at their optimum level when in a quiet area of the office and not distracted by surrounding noise. Over the last two decades or so, there has been a noticeable and considerable shift from the traditional cubicle-style offices to open-plan office spaces.

Think About Your Brand

At the start of your office fit out planning, you may also want to consider thinking about your brand and the main values that you would like to promote. This is essential for attracting the best candidates and ensuring that the culture is visible and tangible every single day. The fundamental design of your office space should reflect the desired vision of your company. When starting out with office fit out design, it may be worth involving your internal marketing department to see exactly how you can best make branding stand out throughout your office space.

Consider Workplace Changes

It’s important to not get left behind with the old times and move with the latest workplace changes and trends for 2022 and beyond. Many businesses are now predominantly working with younger generations – such as Gen-Z – and they have different needs and workplace preferences to the older generations. For example, multi-purpose spaces are especially important for inter-office engagement and for promoting collaboration. Other workplace changes to consider during the office fit out design process also include moving desks, standing desks, authentic designs, and using natural materials and maximising daylight to promote better all-round office well-being.

Think About Going Green

There is now more focus on going green and being environmentally-friendly than ever and this is a great opportunity for businesses to get on board and show that they want to make a difference. When thinking about your office fit out, there are some key differences if you want to go green. The easiest way to do this is to make use of existing sunlight by positioning workplaces and desks towards the natural trajectory of sunlight. This will also help you to significantly reduce energy bills as you’ll be using much less electricity. Other ways that you can operate an environmentally-friendly approach is by introducing greenery within your office, and perhaps even considering investing in solar technology.

Consider Expansion Possibilities

Even though an office fit out may be the very start of your business journey, it’s worth considering potential expansion possibilities. Understanding your business vision and knowing where you want to take your business in the coming years can save you a lot of money in the long-term as the office fit out can be worked around potential expansion plans. Therefore, when you’re looking to add your team, there will be no need to up and leave your current office space as you will have always thought steps ahead of where you are currently at, and be able to accommodate new team members.

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