How To Plan An Office Relocation – Key Steps To Follow

How To Plan An Office Relocation – Key Steps To Follow

How To Plan An Office Relocation – Key Steps To Follow

So you’ve decided that an office relocation is the next step for your business. Whether your standard office lease and agreement has come to a natural end or you’re relocating to another nearby office, there are steps that you should follow to ensure that your office relocation goes as smoothly as it possibly can. Relocating offices can feel like moving heaven and earth but it doesn’t have to be this way. At least it doesn’t if you follow our steps in this very latest blog.

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Review Your Tenancy Agreement

If you have decided to relocate offices, it’s highly advisable to take a look over your current lease agreement with your landlord. Firstly, make sure that you are eligible to leave within the time period you are thinking of as this may cost you your deposit. Secondly, also consider office dilapidation as it’s highly likely that you have an obligation to restore the office space to its original condition. Fortunately, JST Construction are able to provide exactly that and ensure that the office space is fully restored.


Once you have the first step cleared, it’s then important to focus on communication. If you know where your new address is that you’re locating too, we highly recommend letting internal and external parties know about your up and coming relocation. This is so you can ensure that business activities continue to flow once you are moved in with minimal distraction or delay. There will be many providers and suppliers to notify about your office relocation including clients, suppliers, partners, banks, insurance companies, telephone companies, and any other companies that your firm works with on a regular basis.

Office Relocation Preparation

Once you have ticked off the above two first steps, it’s also then massively important to consider office relocation preparation. You’re going to want to divide your list into two sections; what you wish to take with you and what you wish to leave behind and dispose of. It’s advisable to make a head start on this before moving day to get ahead of the curve and relieve stress as much as you possibly can. As well as preparing office equipment and furniture, it’s also important at this stage to arrange external storage facilities if required.

Choose Office Removal Company

The next step within the whirlwind of office relocation is to choose a local and reputable office removal company in your area. It’s important to do your research here and go off a recommendation if possible. Your office removal company should specialise in business removals and be able to carry out the full move from start to finish. Ideally, you also want to be assigned to a dedicated moving manager so that you have an easy point of call to ask your questions to throughout the entire process. It’s advisable to check out removal company reviews and get at least 3-4 quotations.

Settling In

So you have just moved into your new office, but what now?

Well, it’s likely that you have a lot of work to do. Depending on the type of office space you have just moved into, it’s likely that you may need new office services. It’s important that you can get to business as soon as possible and continue growing you do best. Fortunately, JST Construction provide a wide range office relocation services such as office refurbishments, office fit-outs, office design, and more. Let’s take a deeper look into what we can provide…

Office Design – So you have just decided to move into a new office, but what now? It’s likely that you need an office design team so that you can get things up and running with little delay. Fortunately, JST Construction provide a dedicated office design service that can ensure your office space is fully functional, practical, and sustainable. We are able to work directly with you on a wide range of concepts to ensure that your office design is exactly how you want it to be.

Office Refurbishment – If you have just located and moved into your new office, you may need office refurbishment. An office refurbishment typically involves renovations to existing interior design, ceilings, furniture, and walls. We are able to handle office refurbishments from start to finish and handle the design and build process. Office refurbishments are proven to improve productivity by up to 50%.

Office Fit Out – JST Construction are also able to provide Category A and Category B office fit outs. Again, we are able to handle full project management. If you have moved into an empty office space that isn’t currently functional or ideal for business, you’ll need an office fit out. We can transform your space so that it can be used for what you need it for.

Contact JST Construction

If you are relocating offices and need help with ensuring your new office is fully set up for business, we can help by providing the above services. Find out more about how we can help by getting in touch with us today on 0151 355 9232 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.