Office Refurbishments vs Office Fit Outs

Office Refurbishments vs Office Fit Outs

Office Refurbishments vs Office Fit Outs

Although office fit-outs and office refurbishments are terms used interchangeably, there is some clear difference between the two. It’s important to understand the differences in processes, purpose, and suitability. In our latest blog post, you’ll gain a full understanding of the two services that we provide at JST Construction.

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Office Refurbishments

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An office refurbishment is a service provided when your existing office space requires re-designing or renovation. Refurbishments may be required when your business has outgrown your current workforce and you’re looking to better utilise your current office space. Refurbishments are also required when offices have become run-down and neglected for several years.

Undergoing an office refurbishment can offer some excellent benefits such as:

Increased Productivity – a new, attractive-looking office can significantly increase productivity amongst your workforce. New designs and functionalities can boost the morale of workers, and attract them back to the office.

Maximise Current Space – A lot can change in just a few years and if your business has grown to or past its potential, you may likely need to reconsider and/or maximise your current space. Refurbishments can help to create further functional spaces such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, and reception areas.

Helps To Attract New Clients – Looking to attract new clients? Of course, you are! An office refurbishment can attract fresh interest from prospective clients and help to provide an outstanding first impression which may lead to new business.

JST Construction can take on medium to larger-scale office refurbishments throughout Cheshire and The North West. An office refurbishment may include renovations to interior designs, floors, new furniture, ceilings, and windows. Before the design stage proceeds, an initial consultation will be arranged with our experts as we take the time to understand what you’re looking to achieve with your comprehensive refurbishment.

Office Fit-Outs

An office fit-out is a process of transforming a space into a fully functional office where you can grow your business to its full potential. Office fit-outs are usually offered to newly-established businesses or companies that have just relocated to a new building with a blank canvas. There are two types of office fit-outs to consider; Category A and Category Fit-Outs.

Category A

A Category A office fit-out includes basic finishes to the floors, ceilings, and walls. Essentially, this type of fit-out ensures that your new office room is fully functional, safe, and equipped for your employees. Upon completion, the space will be furnished but this does not include fixtures and partitioning.

Category B

A Category B office fit-out is undertaken where a Category A fit-out has already been completed. For example, M&E services, ceilings, walls, and other installations have already been carried out. A CAT B will be centered around making the space into your own office with personalisation at the forefront. Cat B’s may also include IT infrastructure and installation, fitting new office furniture, and office partitioning for segregation.

Office fit-outs are paramount for creating essential office culture and helping your team feel motivated and enthusiastic about working in your space. Moreover, fit-outs can also ensure that you have all the necessary separate rooms to run your business efficiently and without distraction. Creating recreation areas and breakout room is a great way to encourage team livelihood.

Conclusion – The Key Difference Between Refurbishments & Fit-Outs

Hopefully, you have now gained a much better understanding between Refurbishments & Fit-Outs. Essentially, refurbishments are provided for existing functional office spaces that have been neglected, run-down, or simply outgrown their current space. On the other hand, office fit-outs are provided for businesses that have just recently moved into a space that requires either Category A or B fit-outs for the working space to be fully functional and safe.

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