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Since the relaxing of the pandemic restrictions, a lot of us have returned back to offices to work for at least a couple of days a week, if not more. We spend a lot of time in the office and therefore businesses should make it a priority of theirs, to make the office a comfortable and interesting place.

This is certainly being recognised a lot more by both corporate and medium to small-sized businesses which is excellent. An enticing office both in looks and facilities can be beneficial to the workforce in a number of ways.

If people are excited to come to work, they are likely to perform better in their work, therefore, encouraging positive mental health and productivity.

So, you may consider updating your office space through a full refurbishment to make sure it is suitable for purpose in 2023. We work with lots of businesses in and around West Kirby to do just this. We are JST Construction, office refurbishment specialists based in West Kirby and we’d be delighted to put our years of experience and knowledge to the test on your latest project.

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We understand that in some cases, moving offices completely may not be viable. You may then wish to consider having a refurbishment of your current space to introduce new features, pieces of furniture, and other things. We’ve got a dedicated refurbishment team in West Kirby that are specialists in this field.

We’re confident that we’ll be able to turn your space into something truly brilliant. Our team is comprehensively qualified and accredited to undertake projects of different sizes and complexity and they’ve worked in a multitude of sectors. We have a range of capabilities varying from design to full project management and everything in between.

We are a fully accredited company with the following:

Office Refurbishment & Office Fit Out West Kirkby – The Process

Over the years there has been a great change in the way businesses and organisations use their office spaces. In years gone by they were simply working spaces where employees would turn up, do a job and go home as soon as they could.

There was little care or effort put into making the area suitable for anything other than work. Nowadays, it’s very different and for the better too. Offices include rooms such as; chill-out zones, zoom rooms, kitchens, gyms and so much more, which is brilliant to see. The way offices are broken up is important as well. Lots of spaces in this day and age don’t have traditional separate spaces for senior leadership, everyone sits together in an open-plan office. We want to help engage your employees, with an exciting, enthusiastic, intriguing office space. 

With all this in mind, are you looking to refurbish your office space in West Kirby? We’ve got a proven track record and extensive portfolio of work in office refurbishments and it’s truly incredible to see the difference once we’ve done our work.

We have a simple and effective process that has been very successful over the years. We’d start with an initial consultation where we’d find out more about what you might be after before doing a site survey. We can then provide some solutions which we’ll design and agree on before any actual work on-site happens. It’ll be a collaborative effort to ensure you get the exact space you’re after. This is of course a rough estimate as to how your exact process could go but we keep an open line of communication at all times.

Office Refurbishment Benefits

At this stage, we are sure you are fully aware of the plethora of benefits when it comes to office refurbishment in West Kirkby. Here’s a recap and overview of the top benefits:

Additional space for staff – If you are a growing team and you have additional staff to accommodate, we highly recommend office refurbishments to help new staff feel welcome, comfortable, and motivated to work within your office environment.

Enticing employees back to the office – With so many people working from home, and it working effectively for many organisations, companies need to try harder to entice employees back into the office. It’s time to think outside the box and get creative.

Modernising your office and facilities – An office refurbishment can be centred around modernising your office and facilities to create a long-lasting positive impression for new employees and potential clients.

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    Office Refurbishment West Kirkby – FAQs

    There are many ways to plan for an office refurbishment. It’s important to define the purpose for your refurbishment and what you’re looking to achieve. For example, are you looking for a refurbishment to expand your space or for further reasons? If you’re unsure, don’t worry, our experienced team provide full project management and can there provide 3D and CAD designs.

    Of course. As mentioned previously, we provide full project management that entails office design. This part of the process is essential to map out your office refurbishment so that it directly correlates with your corporate culture and mission. The office design process will entail answering key questions about your set-up, space, and people.

    Yes, of course. Office dilapidation is a key component and service that we offer for all clients as part of the office refurbishment package. Office dilapidation is essential for segregating certain parts of your office layout. For example, for separating meeting rooms, conference rooms and further rooms.

    Great question. Although they are similar services, there is one key difference. An office refurbishment is improving and refurbishing an existing office space. On the other hand, a fit-out is carried out on a new office space that requires electrical work, flooring, and essential infrastructure.

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