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Looking for office refurbishment in Liverpool? We are JST Construction and we’ve been doing office refurbishments in the area of Liverpool for the best part of a decade. We love what we do and it’s an honor to serve some amazing businesses by making their workplace more comfortable and functional.

Some of the transformations we’ve been able to produce are truly astounding and that for us is the rewarding element. We work on all sizes and scale projects because we feel every business deserves to have its ideal office space. An office refurbishment can have a lot of steps involved which we understand can get a little stressful. For this reason, we are able to manage the whole process for you whilst working collaboratively to ensure you get exactly what you’d like in terms of look and feel.

A constant line of communication is constantly upheld throughout the lifetime of a project too, this is something we believe is vitally important. From the initial design stage all the way through to completion and everything in between, we will coherently keep you in the loop. If you’d like to find out more or have any questions, then please feel free to give us a call on 0151 355 9232 or use our online contact form.

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Office spaces have changed, they’re not what they used to be like. They’re run differently, used for more than one purpose, and have more to offer than previously, and more. Businesses now want office space to be comfortable, used to improve overall health, include leisurely activities, have quiet spaces for employees, places to cook lunch, and way more as well.

Gone is the attitude of simply sitting at a desk all day with a plastic chair and going home on the dot at the end of the day. With this in mind, we get a lot of enquiries through now that is seriously tailored projects, because each business is different with different views on what their office should include. This is amazing to see as it makes for an extremely exciting refurbishment for us to do but also means the office will be fit for its ideal purpose. 

When it comes to office refurbishments in Liverpool, JST Construction is your number #1 choice. We are a fully accredited company with the following:

Office Refurbishment Liverpool – Design & Build

Office trends have also been a feature of the past. Long ago there were lines of desks and private offices for seniors, but now we have open-plan offices to improve communication and create a friendlier environment.

We want to combine the perfect mix of our expertise and your vision to create something amazing. We will give an open and transparent review of proceedings and offer guidance the whole way too. For example, if you request something to be made out of a certain material, we may suggest a different material and give our reasons for it too.

We will of course do our best to ensure the finished product is as close to how you’d like it as possible. If you think your office may be in need of a refurbishment, it’s probably time to chat with us to see what we can do.

Office Fit Out Liverpool – The Process

As a company we have a strong process for getting your office refurbishment in Liverpool completed. Following your initial contact we will aim to visit your current office where we will discuss further the project, survey any areas and make notes on points of possible concern.

After this, further discussion will take place before the planning and design team gets involved to map out your new office. We are of course big on health and safety so all procedures with respect to this will be communicated thoroughly along the way. Once all the necessary boxes are ticked and we have a finalized design, the work and transformation of your Liverpool office can start. Our aim is to deliver top-quality office refurbishment with as little disruption as possible in the most efficient time.

Office Refurbishment Benefits

There are many benefits to refurbishing your office space in Liverpool. If you haven’t updated your office in a number of years then it may not be as fit for purpose as it could be therefore you’re potentially underperforming. For example, an office layout could enhance output because of easier communication or a generally more welcoming environment to be in.

All these factors must be considered within a business in order to ensure all staff are working to their best and are of course happy at work. Not to mention the aesthetic benefit of changing your office space to make it exactly how you need it.

The upfront cost may seem expensive at first however if the overall operation is improved it’ll start paying for itself. If you’d like to talk to us about how you may be able to change your office to suit your business needs then please get in touch. We understand that the concept might sound amazing at first but the actual idea or details can be difficult to conjure. This is why our experts are on hand to help you.

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We are a committed business and will always put the customer first. We have a set of principles that we stick to and these shine throughout our work. We want to ensure your happiness is upheld throughout a project and will deliver on our promises. Your project will be completed on time and within budget and we will keep an open line of communication throughout. Office refurbishments are our bread and butter and we’ve been completing them in Liverpool for years, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen. We’re up to date with all the latest office trends and feel we can give amazing insight into the best way to use your space.

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If you’d like more information on how we can help you with your office refurbishment in Liverpool or even to find out more information on previous projects we’ve done, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by phone on 0151 355 9232, by email on,  or by filling out the form on below. 

    Office Refurbishment Liverpool – FAQs

    Simply explained, there is just one significant distinction between office fit outs and refurbishments.. In essence, an office fit out is completed on a new office space nearly from scratch, whereas an office refurbishment focuses on renovating and remodelling existing office spaces to a more particular taste to meet your personal preferences and requirements.

    Although we don’t actually provide office furniture ourselves, we do collaborate closely with reliable partners and suppliers who do. So that you may order anything you need, including comfortable desks, office chairs, storage space, and any other office furniture you might need to run your business effectively, we can incorporate office furniture as part of the design process.

    Yes, without a doubt. Office partitioning is a service that JST Construction can offer as part of your office renovation or fit out package. If you want to divide your workplace into sections for various uses, office partitioning is the best option. Office partitioning, for instance, is frequently used to separate and isolate conference rooms and meeting rooms for privacy.

    We do, indeed. JST Construction is able to offer a thorough office design service, where we will sit down with you one-on-one and discuss your particular needs. You will gain a great deal from our office design service whether you want to emphasise a sustainable office design, popular office designs, or combine a variety of themes.

    The duration of an office refurbishment, from start to finish, varies based on the size and complexity of the project. Small projects may take a few weeks, while larger ones could take several months. Timelines can be influenced by factors such as construction, permits, and customisation. JST Construction will always keep you fully informed with an estimated timeframe.

    The cost of your office refurbishment varies widely depending on factors such as size, scope, location, and the level of customisation. It’s essential to obtain detailed quotes based on specific requirements which can be provided by our 5-star-rated company without compromise.

    Yes, office refurbishment often includes customisation of the design to align with your brand, corporate culture, and specific functional requirements. Fortunately, we provide a dedicated office design service centred around concepts such as; sustainability, smart office design, and well-being.

    Choosing the most suitable contractor for your office refurbishment in Liverpool should be carefully considered. Consider factors such as experience, reputation, expertise, adherence to timelines, and the ability to work within your budget when selecting a contractor for your refurbishment project. JST Construction ticks all these boxes!

    The process typically includes assessment and planning, budgeting, design concept development, regulatory compliance, selection of contractors and suppliers, phasing and scheduling, construction and installation, and post-refurbishment evaluation.

    Are you prepared to begin your planned workplace renovation or fit out? If so, you can contact our team at JST Construction to set up a FREE survey and get a price without being obligated. Use our contact form or dial 0151 355 9232 to reach us right away.

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