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JST Construction provide full project management and construction for office refurbishments in Ellesmere Port.

Do you own an office space in Ellesmere Port? Are you looking to add some character, change the layout or just wanting to have a new looking space but aren’t sure what to do with it? JST Construction are here to help and with decades of experience, we are well-positioned to re-create your office.

We are JST Construction and we’ve been carrying out office refurbishments for businesses and organisations for a number of years in Ellesmere Port and the surrounding areas. We’re a company with a great reputation and passion for helping people transform a space into something amazing. 

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Office Refurbishments Ellesmere Port – Design & Build

So, what is an office refurbishment?

An office refurbishment is when alterations or renovations are made to your office space in order to give it a new function or design both internally and externally.

The range at which a refurbishment can take place varies depending on the specifications of the project. Some examples of things you could have done as part of an office refurbishment include; interior design such as new furniture or painting of ceilings and walls, new wall structuring to change to an open plan office, new plumbing, electrical work and lots more too.

We would recommend having an office refurbishment in a few cases but some of the common ones are that your space is outdated or old fashioned.

Alternatively, an office refurbishment may be necessary in order to help the business function more efficiently. Both are valid reasons and there are more circumstances why you should consider one but let’s delve into some benefits of office refurbishments now. 

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Office Refurbishment – Benefits

There are a multitude of benefits to getting an office refurbishment in Ellesmere Port so let’s reel some of those off.

Firstly, a new office space could be fantastic for your current employees. Having a more modern space to work in will undoubtedly improve morale and perspective on the work they’re doing. Better morale of your employees is a great thing both for productivity and workforce happiness.

Secondly, if you have a brilliant looking office space it will be far more attractive to people looking to join your company in the recruitment process. In the same breath, an office space that makes an employee feel safe and happy may have more influence than you first think on them staying longer at your business meaning an office refurbishment could play a part in employee retention so you can keep top talent.

An office refurbishment could also give you the chance to improve your facilities such as improving technology, health and safety elements of the building, installing new bathroom facilities and much more.

If your refurbishment involved changing the shape and use of space in your office then it would hopefully mean you’re using the space more efficiently now.

Office Fit Out Ellesmere Port 

As well as providing full project management for office refurbishment, we also do the same for office fit-outs. An office fit out refers to the process of designing and renovating an office space to meet the specific needs, requirements, and aesthetics of your business

It involves the planning, construction, and installation of various elements within the office environment, such as partitions, furniture, lighting, flooring, electrical and data systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and other fixtures.

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There are so many factors to think about when it comes to an office refurbishment in Ellesmere Port.

First of all you need to ask yourself questions about the need for one as well as the affordability. If you’d like some more advice on what can be done in your space or some examples of office refurbishments we’ve done in the past then please feel free to get in touch with our Ellesmere Port team

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    Office Refurbishments Ellesmere Port – FAQs

    Yes, of course. JST Construction offers personalised design solutions tailored to your needs, seamlessly integrating essential branding elements. Our approach to office design ensures that the final design aligns precisely with your desired aesthetics and unique preferences. Whether you have a well-defined vision for refurbishing your office space or wish to explore our pre-existing concepts, we’re dedicated to guiding you throughout the entire process with ease.

    Office dilapidation is one of many sub-services that our team provides within our office refurbishment packages. Office dilapidation involves the restoration of an office space to its original pre-occupancy condition. This service is typically requested to address necessary repairs and maintenance at the conclusion of a lease or tenancy agreement.

    Yes, of course. Whether you’re aiming to enhance the organisation of your existing office or seeking to incorporate office partitioning into your upcoming office fit-out, JST Construction is your dedicated partner throughout the entire process. Our office partitions are anything but mundane and predictable, offering a wide array of options, including glass and graphite partitions.

    The duration of an office refurbishment project varies, but it often takes several weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the project. Our team at JST Construction will be able to give you a more accurate time frame once we have undergone the initial consultation and planning stages.

    Signs that your office may need refurbishment include outdated design, poor lighting, inadequate storage, worn-out furniture, and a lack of functionality. If you’re looking for a creative team to bring your office space back to life, we’re just the company you’re seeking.

    Yes, a well-designed and updated office space can boost employee morale, productivity, and satisfaction by creating a more comfortable and inspiring work environment.

    Following the design and development phase of your office refurbishment project, we move forward with the execution of our plans. At JST Construction, our dedicated team offers thorough project management services to ensure the successful installation of your refurbishment. 

    Yes, it’s common to upgrade technology infrastructure, such as wiring for data and communication, during an office refurbishment to ensure your office is technologically current. This is something we can professionally assist you with.

    Depending on the scale of the refurbishment, you may need to relocate some or all of your employees temporarily to minimise disruptions. Fortunately, JST Construction provides an extremely flexible service and always aims to proceed with refurbishments in-line with your business activities and preferences.

    It’s super easy to get started with us. Arrange your initial consultation and survey today by calling us on 0151 355 9232 or use our contact form.