Office Refurbishment Costs Per Square Metre

Office Refurbishment Costs Per Square Metre

Office Refurbishment Costs Per Square Metre

Office refurbishment costs per square metre can be relative to a number of things. There are so many factors to consider when looking at undertaking an office refurbishment. For example, the age of the building might have ramifications for the need to do any work prior to redeveloping it. Older buildings may need some attention structurally which naturally makes it a more expensive project overall. Other things are to be thought about too because some materials, styles, furniture, flooring finishes etcetera are more expensive than others which obviously increases the final cost too. 

The Average Costs

Typically, however, we have been involved in office refurbishment projects that cost around £12 to £60 per Sq Ft. or £150 to £550 per Sq Meter, but this may vary. When planning your project we deem it a good idea to look at several options, covering a group of price ranges so that if certain materials or finishes or furniture pieces aren’t available, then you have a backup option and know the prices involved too. This way you can keep a hold on how much the project is costing and it doesn’t get out of hand. 

As a business, we like to work with you with an open and honest line of communication at all times. This way there are never any issues in relation to sharing information or being on different pages. If you’re looking to undertake a refurbishment project and aren’t too sure about the cost implications of it, then get in touch with us today. We will have an initial meeting to discuss this along with letting you know of our systems and processes and a rough idea of how much you may be looking at. Alongside this meeting, we will suggest doing a site visit because there are often so many variables involved such as space planning, installation of meeting rooms, break-out areas, partitioning, IT equipment, lighting, branding, office furniture, and more to consider and decide on. Having this knowledge also equips us to more accurately produce a quote. 

Should you wish to work with us then of course true details on cost will become clearer and ongoing costs will be monitored by us along the course of the refurbishment. We believe simplicity is key as often as possible otherwise things can get over-complicated and thus overwhelming. So, having a construction company by your side looking after your vision and your best interests is always a helpful thing. There are actually some online office refurbishment estimation calculators available to use, however, we would advise you to steer clear of them. There’s so much more context involved in producing an accurate estimate that a website can’t take into account. These calculators often provide a quick ‘top line’ price so we’d suggest it is much better getting a company such as ourselves to come and get actual measurements, come and see the job itself and therefore provide a more detailed plan and estimate. Office refurbishment costs per square metre can vary but we will be able to give you an estimated valuation based on your requirements. 

As well as the actual refurbishment itself, there are some other things to think about which could have an effect on time scales, labor hours, and ultimately costs also. For example how long it may be until the current office occupants can be moved and where to and how much this will cost etcetera, you get the gist. Another point to consider is the differences in the elements of the scope of works. Commonly split into Category A and B, this refers to different parts of a job such as a shell and core (Category A) and Fit-Out (Category B) which take different lengths of time and cost varying amounts. You may be looking for a high-end shell and core but a modern yet modest fit-out. 

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We are JST Construction, a company built on reputation, ready to guide you through your office refurbishment with no problem at all. We’ve got a wealth of experience in this area have helped a number of clients in different sectors, different locations, and all with a unique view on what they want from the project. Our whole group of employees are dedicated to helping you, have a ‘can-do attitude, and will always go above and beyond to reach your goals. They are at the heart of everything we do and we hope you see that too. If you like what you’ve read so far, then please feel free to get in touch with us regarding your possible office refurbishment project.

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