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JST Construction provides office refurbishment in Birkenhead and the surrounding areas.

Having an office space that is more than just “good” is not a luxury in a world where we spend most of our time at work; rather, it is a need. JST Constructions’ full-service office refurbishment solution is simply what you need whether you need to make room for new employees or renovate your outdated office. Our office renovation services are aimed at increasing the operational effectiveness of your business, providing a tidy working environment, and making cost-effective changes that won’t break the bank. We have been honored over the past ten or so years to work with a variety of clients and sectors to make their office spaces into things they can be proud of.

JST Construction offers a full range of services for office design, renovation, and project management to meet your unique business requirements. We provide from beginning to end. Need to organise or repair your units? A customised solution for your areas can be obtained by speaking with one of our maintenance specialists. Use our contact form or call us directly at 0151 355 9232 today or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you. 

You can be sure that JST Construction will provide a comprehensive design and build service for your office fit-out in Birkenhead or the nearby locations. We are aware that every organisation has different values, a different vision for the future, and a different culture. We provide guaranteed design and build solutions with up-front assurances regarding prices and timelines. We will make sure that the interior design and renovation of business spaces work for you from the very beginning of the consulting process.

JST Construction can provide Category A fit-outs, such as the renovation of lobby areas, historic buildings, and occupied structures. There has never been a better time than right now to renovate your office space and design, which can eventually boost staff productivity and take your company to the next level.

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Office Refurbishment & Office Fit Out Birkenhead – The Process

For the highest quality office renovations in Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Manchester, Liverpool, and other adjacent cities and towns, JST Construction has a tried-and-true process. Once you’ve gotten in touch with us, we’ll conveniently set up a meeting at the area where the office fit-out is needed. Typically, 1-2 members of our project management team can descend so that we can talk about the requirements of your office renovation, conduct a survey to make sure the work can be done safely, and take precise measurements for your office renovations while we’re there.

We will be in touch with you with a quote once we have a much clearer idea and better knowledge of how you would like the renovation to appear. Timelines are significant to us, and we are highly organised. Furthermore, we are aware that you have a business to run, so we strive to make the process as painless and minimally disruptive as possible.

Office Refurbishment Benefits

Any type of business would be prudent to consider an office renovation since it can offer a number of advantages. It is also known to boost employee productivity by up to 50% in addition to appearing fantastic and making a strong first impression on potential customers. This is because it infuses the workplace with newness and freshness, which has a good knock-on impact of boosting productivity. JST Construction can create and perform office renovations that can fit your expanding company and create more space for more personnel by making better use of available space and changing the size of some components of your organisation. Better health and safety regulations, more space for practical places, and brand image reinforcement are further advantages.

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JST Construction is your go-to office renovation firm in Birkenhead. We also serve the nearby communities of Manchester and Liverpool. We have been pleased with the work we have developed and provided for several office spaces over the past ten or so years. We are completely upfront from the beginning, with no bad surprises or additional expenses. A combination of prompt and efficient service, finish quality, strict adherence to all health and safety regulations, highly skilled staff, professional site conduct and presentation, and a “right first time, on budget” approach serve as the foundation for all of our services and the standards we set.

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    Office Refurbishment Birkenhead – FAQs

    Are you looking to plan an office refurbishment? If so, JST Construction can assist and there are several steps to take in order to achieve exactly that. It’s important to firstly define the reason for your office refurbishment and decide on a workplace that works for you. You can then start to design and plan with your designated office refurbishment team (we hope it’s JST Construction!).

    A typical office refurbishment involves three main stages; the design process, the develop stage, and and the deliverables. Each stages of the process involves specific activities that helps to get your office looking to your exact specifications and requirements.

    Yes, of course. The best approach when it comes to office dilapidation is to get ahead of the curve so that you leave yourself more than enough time to get a professional company – just like JST Construction – to complete the required works necessary. Make sure that you check the lease well in advance so that you are complying with everything that your tenant has set out so that you can meet them requirements.

    It’s true that office refurbishments can help to improve overall productivity. As well as improving overall wellbeing and motivation, you can expect to see a rise in efficiency and productivity from your workplace. This is because your office space will be truly renovated and refreshed.

    The duration of an office refurbishment varies based on the scope of work, size of the space, and other factors. Small projects may take a few weeks, while larger ones could take several months. JST Construction will be able to give you a better estimated time frame once we’ve undertaken the initial survey and taken the time to understand more about your project.


    The process typically includes planning, design, obtaining necessary permits, construction, and post-construction evaluation. The specific steps can vary depending on the project’s complexity. 

    It depends on the extent of the refurbishment. In some cases, employees can continue working with minimal disruption, while larger projects may require temporary relocation. Fortunately, we provide a flexible service and we are often able to work things around your business commitments to ensure business disruption is minimised. 

    Yes, sustainable practices and materials can be incorporated into an office refurbishment, promoting environmental responsibility and potentially reducing long-term operating costs. Talk to us today to find out more!

    Careful planning, clear communication with employees, and scheduling work during non-business hours are some strategies to minimise disruptions. It’s also advisable to plan well in advance of your refurbishment or fit-out so that you can make the necessary arrangements to ensure business continues to thrive.

    Are you ready to get started with your proposed office refurbishment or fit out? If so, you can arrange a FREE survey and receive a no-obligation quote with our team at JST Construction. Call us today on 0151 355 9232 or use our contact form.