How Much Does An Office Fit Out Cost?

How Much Does An Office Fit Out Cost?

How Much Does An Office Fit Out Cost?

We have previously written a recent blog article on the cost of office refurbishments costs But what about office fit out costs per square foot? 

Fundamentally, an office fit out is the process of making an interior space suitable for your workforce, employees and visiting clients. An office fit out will consist of fitting the space out with relevant decorations, furnishings, electricals, and added features to complete your unique working space. Here at JST Construction, we provide full project management for office fit outs from start to finish which includes the design and installations of all sub-rooms and segments.

Office Fit Out Costs Per Square Foot

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The general cost of an office fit out can depend on a multitude of factors such as the size of the office fit out, the locations and other specifics. Below are some of the most prominent factors that influence the cost of an office fit out;-

  • CAT A Or CAT B Fit Out – One of the many factors that have an impact on the cost of an office fit out is whether you are going ahead with a CAT A or CAT B office fit out. Category A fit outs generally involves the installation of main infrastructure regarding the functionality of a space such as implementing basic electric services and fire protection services. On the other hand, CAT B office fit-outs are generally responsible for the visual and cosmetic design of the space.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Systems – The specification and age of any electrical and mechanical systems currently placed will have a direct impact on the overall cost of your fit out. For example, if the systems in place are old and not efficient, regular servicing or replacements may be necessary. It can be costly to directly replace systems.
  • Size Of The Space – The size of the space per square metre will also have a direct impact on the cost of your office fit out. Generally speaking, the smaller the space the lower the cost but there are many factors – including the above and below – which must be taken into consideration as a whole before a fair price is put forward to our clients.
  • Building Age – The age and type of building will also be evaluated in the early stages of the process before determining an accurate cost of an office fit out. There can be complications with particularly older buildings and listing buildings which may require bespoke and more expensive solutions. For example, if our specialist team is fitting out a listed building, there may be additional costs due to additional paperwork.

The Three Different Levels Of Fit-Outs

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  • Standard Fit Outs

Standard Fit Outs are the most typical type of office fit outs that we design and install for businesses throughout the North Of England. This type of fit out generally involves designing and implementing a conventional design with multiple office desks and chairs set up, as well as new flooring. The general cost of this type of fit-out can range from £35 – £45 per square foot.


  • Mid-Range Fit Outs

This type of fit out is more appropriate for large office spaces with more employees and staff to host. If your budget lies around the middle of the road, you can get some really high-specifications and designs with this option. The vast majority of the clients we work with fall into this bracket. Price per square foot for mid-range office fit outs range from £45 – £55.


  • Advanced Fit Outs

If you’re looking for incredibly high specification office fit outs, we highly recommend exploring our advanced fit outs. If you are a medium to larger sized business with hundreds of employees to host, this type of fit out is ideal and most appropriate. With our advanced fit outs, you will achieve a high-quality workplace with a functional design and great practicality. Price per square foot ranges from £55- £65.

Professional Office Fit Outs – Benefits

Thinking of an office fit-out? If so, it’s a great time to make your move. With employees now looking for hybrid working and the job market hotting up, employees are seeking flexible working and looking for further motivating reasons to travel to work and work from the office. Office fit-outs give you a blank canvas to work from so that you can develop the brand image that you’re aiming for and you can therefore refine your first impression when clients visit your office. Further benefits include integrating up-to-date technology for efficiency, using floor space efficiency, and increasing overall productivity.

Why Choose JST Construction?

If you’re looking for professional and competitively priced office fit outs, look no further than JST Construction. We are able to provide office fit outs for all types and sizes of businesses and as an established commercial construction specialist with decades of experience, you’re in the best hands possible. We are able to offer full project management for office fit outs in Ellesmere Port, Chester, Lancaster, Warrington, and the surrounding areas.

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