Office Decoration Ideas

Office Decoration Ideas

Office Decoration Ideas

Offices are now in direct competition with homes. So, it’s crucial to create working spaces that staff want to spend time in. For too long, offices have been ignored, their bland, dull décor proving soul-destroying at times, and now it’s time they sort their act out. The work environment significantly impacts workers’ mental health and productivity. Those fortunate enough to work from home can create a space they love that’s clean, personal and makes them feel good. But, of course, the downside of working from home can be the distractions and lack of face-to-face interaction. So why not encourage workers back into the office, or inspire those still there? Whether you’re going the whole hog with a refit or just want to make some quick, simple adjustments to make things feel fresher, we have many ideas for you.

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Quick Upgrades

Add some living plants. Who doesn’t love seeing some bright, fresh green leaves? Plants not only brighten an office but also purify the air, drinking in our stale carbon dioxide and puffing out fresh new oxygen to keep staff feeling energised. 

Chairs for comfort and style. We all know sitting all day isn’t ideal. Some staff may switch between sitting and standing, but providing ergonomically designed chairs that give the proper support can significantly affect how people feel. Plenty of chairs on the market provide comfort and style, so the office can also get a facelift.

Personalised desks. You may want to allow staff to bring in items they love to personalise their desks. If you have a styled office, you may request that items fit the office theme, or you could just give staff free reign here, let them create a mini workspace that reflects their personality and makes them feel great. 

Funky organisation. Whiteboards, calendars, and flip charts all play a part in keeping things on track, but do they need to be so…. Boring? Why not paint a chalkboard on the wall and use brightly coloured chalk pens to liven things up? An oversized calendar in a fun print is another quick and simple way to inject some life into the office. 

Add some art. Plain walls adorned only with safety messages or work-related posters are hardly inspirational. However, the simple addition of some well-placed and well-chosen art can completely change the feel of an office. Inspire staff with something beautiful to look at, but remember to switch it up regularly to keep it interesting. 

Declutter. This one might seem rather obvious, but have you ever really looked at the office space with this solely in mind? Desks piled with papers are not conducive to productivity, but clutter can go beyond the desk. Are there objects being stored or piled up around the office that could be moved? Are there exposed shelves with piles of untidy files and papers, or maybe drawers fit to burst and in need of a good sort out? Clearing out both visible and hidden clutter can have a dramatic positive effect on how the office feels and ramp up productivity considerably.

Office Refit Inspiration

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Ergonomic design

Before you get carried away with the aesthetics of your new office space, it’s important to get to grips with the functionality. Who will use the area? How do they like to work? Consider how best to lay out the desks to suit the people using them. Keeping the humans at the heart of the office design is vital to making it a success. Having a workspace optimised for its users is the foundation of any refit and can have significant benefits, such as improved productivity and more efficient work days. 

Incorporate communal spaces. One of the main benefits of working in the office is face-to-face interaction. Adding a comfortable place for people to gather socially in your new office space can provide a multifunctional area where staff might strengthen relationships, hold impromptu meetings, bounce ideas around, or just sit and have a coffee break with a colleague. You may find that some of the best ideas and work come from the relaxed nature of this space. 

A place to eat. Many offices are moving away from high-pressure to a greater focus on employee health and wellness. This could include encouraging staff to move away from their desk at lunchtime by providing a dedicated eating area for people to take time out, catch up with colleagues over a healthy lunch and return feeling more refreshed and ready to go. 

A home from home. Who says offices need to be stark and lit with harsh fluorescent lights? An office that feels cosy and comfortable is easily achieved and can have far-reaching benefits as staff feel much more comfortable. Softer lighting can prevent fatigue and headaches, and productivity increases as staff generally feel happier in a more homely space.

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