5 Essentials For Office Interior

5 Essentials For Office Interior

5 Essentials For Office Interior

There is so much that you can do with your office space and in this latest blog post, we have outlined our 5 essentials for your office interior. Although this is not an exhaustive list of essentials, it’s a great place to start if you are designing an office for the first time and need guidance.

These 5 essential tips are ideal for maximising employee productivity, satisfaction and just creating an overall fantastic office environment that attracts the right people.

Attractive Colour Scheme

Believe it or not, colours actually influence our brains. With this in mind, it’s important to choose colours that best represent your brand, as well as colours that have a positive impact on employees, guests, and potential clients. Some colours are naturally energising such as yellow whereas some alternate darker colours can be draining. It’s very important to get your overall colour scheme right especially if your run a company in a creative field such as marketing or PR.

Natural Light

Workplace quality and well-being is something that is becoming a part of the culture in UK offices. Natural light and exposure to it are very high on the agenda of many employees and people that spends hours a day in an office environment. Not only is it healthy to be exposed to natural light but it also has psychological benefits on both health and mood. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are a hugely popular choice for many businesses today and a fantastic way to allow more natural light into your building.


When thinking and planning out office design, remember to not forget about storage. Failure to not take storage into consideration can lead to many issues such as resulting in your office floor looking very untidy and unkept. Storage is an absolute key to any office space so making sure you have adequate storage should be high on the agenda during office space design.

Office Furniture

What is an office without office furniture? Different types of office furniture are normally placed within your working space as the last touch but it’s important to also consider ergonomics and the health and well-being of your employees when they are working. Desks, chairs and storage cabinets will all be required but it’s important to take some time to really think about where they will be best positioned to utilise your floor space to the maximum.


Without a bit of greenery, an office may give the impression of just another corporate workplace. However, when you add greenery into the equation, you suddenly bring your office space to life. Adding plants, flowers, and even aquariums can make your workplace much more inviting to potential clients and employees. Moreover, greenery within an office is also proven to help with employee mental health and serenity.

Branded Decorations

Although this may be the last thing you consider and the final touch, branded decorations and adding your own personal touch really helps to make your office your own. Adding internal signs and branded wallpaper are just two of the most popular ideas to consider. Branded decorations are a great way to dot your company values and mission statement around your office.

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