Here at JST Construction, we provide fire-stopping for commercial and industrial-type properties throughout the North West. In the event of a fire break-out, fire stopping is essential for preventing the fire from passing through to various rooms and compartments within a building. Ultimately, fire stopping is a fire protection system that consists of a multitude of components used to seal openings. Our team uses the latest firestop products and systems to ensure reliability and safety in the breakout of a fire. We regularly install fire stops in electrical, mechanical, and structural penetrations. 

The aim of the fire stopping is to preserve the fire breakout to buy time and protection from fire and smoke before the emergency services arrive at your premises. When you choose JST Construction for fire stopping, you have peace of mind knowing that our products and installation services are fully compliant with fire-resistance rating in accordance with British standards. Call us directly at 0151 355 9232 or use our contact form.

Fire Compartmentation - Why Is It Important?

Fire compartmentalization is essential for the safety of your employees and premises. As buildings and the design of buildings evolve, we remain committed to our mission in ensuring that all commercial and industrial buildings are fire-protected to significantly reduce the possibility of fire rapidly spreading.

Fire compartmentalization is paramount no matter the scale or size of the building. By preventing fire and smoke from spreading, can save lives and is proven to suppress the outbreaks of fire for around 30 minutes, depending on the type of building structure.

Keen to make your office spaces fire-safe? Get in touch with our professional fire compartmentation team to get a quick solution for your units.

Fire Stopping Services & Products

JST Construction is able to supply and install high-quality fire-stopping protection systems at your premises. Only the best industry-leading products are used to compartmentalize fire break-outs that as a result, improve employee safety. The different types of products used include;-

Fire Sleeves – Insulated fire sleeves are an integral part of fire-stopping systems. Fire sleeves play an integral part in preventing the spread of fire where plastic and metal pipes join with compartment floors and walls. The product plays a huge part in compartmentalizing the fire in the event of a breakout by crushing and sealing off pipes. 

Fire Collars – Fire-resistant levels should be maintained and fire collars are designed to do exactly that. Another key component of fire-stopping systems. In the event of a fire breakout, fire collars work by expanding and crushing the plastic pipe as it softens and plugs the hole. As a result of fire collars being installed and in place, they help to prevent flames from transferring into nearby compartments. 

Fire Sealants – Probably the most well-known type of product when it comes to fire stopping and compartmentalization. Fire sealants are an essential component to prevent the spread of fire and smoke into nearby compartments. They work by expanding when heated which as a result, prevents smoke and fire from traveling through gaps indoors.

Why Choose JST Construction?

JST Construction has adopted fire stopping and fire compartmentation as one of our key services over the last few years. Fire stopping is our most important service offering and we are now certified by BM Trada to protect commercial buildings from fire hazards. We are able to provide fire-stopping and fire compartmentation for all types of industrial and commercial buildings.

Moreover, we also provide fire door installation, fire door inspection, and fire door repairs.

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking to comply with the latest fire legislation at your business premises and have proper fire-stopping systems in place, please get in touch with our team at JST Construction today. You can reach us today by calling us directly on 0151 355 9232 or use our contact form below and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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