Fire Rated Doors – A Comprehensive Guide

Fire Rated Doors – A Comprehensive Guide

Fire Rated Doors – A Comprehensive Guide

Fire Rated Doors are an essential part of your properties fire safety as well as being a legal requirement. We come into contact with fire doors everywhere we go. Fire doors are installed at a multitude of commercial and industrial premises and they literally help to saves lives in the event of a fire breakout. In this comprehensive guide, we will be answering all of the most commonly asked questions that we are asked on regular basis by our clients. If any questions are still left unanswered, please do get in touch with us by calling us today on 0151 355 9232.

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The Importance Of Fire Doors

The importance of fire doors should not be underestimated. Fire doors literally save lives and help to prevent fire from escalating and transferring through multiple different rooms in your property. Fire doors are proven to help keep fire and smoke in one specific room – where the fire originated – for up to sixty minutes which gives the local emergency services more than enough time to act promptly, arrive at your premises, and ultimately put the fire out. There is a reason that fire doors are a legal obligation for all non-domestic properties and that is because they are such as an essential part of your overall fire protection and fire safety.

How Do Fire Doors Work?

So you understand the importance of fire doors, but how do they work and why are they so effective with fire stopping and compartmentation? Fire doors are constructed from highly robust materials that can withstand the effects of a fire for a certain amount of time. Fire doors are generally manufactured from robust materials such as steel and gypsum. Moreover, fire doors are specifically made to react to fires and have intumescent strips that expand to fill all gaps between the frame and fire door. Furthermore, fire door closers should be fitted to all fire doors and all glazing integrated with the door should be fire resistant.

What Do Fire Doors Do?

This is another commonly asked question that we are regularly asked by our clients. Fundamentally, fire doors helps to protect lives and protect buildings from severe damage in the event of a fire outbreak. Moreover, fire doors also help to keep escape routes and corridors clear from fire and smoke by stopping fire from escalating throughout your premises. As a result, this allows occupants to quickly escape the building and get to safety. This is also a major benefit for the fire service as they can easily access the building and put a stop to the fire immediately.

Are Fire Doors A Legal Requirement?

As previously mentioned, fire doors are a legal requirement in-line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. All non-domestic properties are obliged to have fully installed and certified fire doors within their premises to maximise fire protection and fire safety in the event of a fire. Moreover, even once fully installed, all businesses must appoint a responsible and ‘competent person’ to manage all fire safety risk and precautions. Servicing of fire doors is also an on-going and annual requirement to ensure that they are fully effective.

Types Of Fire Doors

There are a few different types of fire doors but the main type of fire door installed by BM Trada installers are steel fire doors. Steel is a highly robust and durable materials that poses fantastic characteristics for a fire door. In environments where maximum fire safety is required, steel fire doors are without a doubt the best option. Steel fire doors are commonly installed in hospitals, commercial kitchens, warehouses, factories, and a multitude of other commercial premises. Although steel fire doors are the most commonly installed, there are alternate fire doors to consider too. These include glass and wooden fire-rated doors.

What Is The Fire Door Installation Process?

Once you choose a BM Trada accredited fire door installer just like JST Construction, the fire door installation will come next. The fire door installation will start with a survey to ensure the correct location for installation alongside rigorous testing. All new fire door installations should comply with all the latest requirements in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order 2005).

What Are The Components That Make Up Fire Doors?

There are a variety of components and parts that make up a fire door that makes it excellent for fire safety and fire protection. Every part and component serves a purpose. The components include;- door leads, door frames, smoke seals, intumescent strips, hinges, and door closers. All these mechanisms are readily integrated with fire rated doors.

How To Choose A Fire Door Installer?

Choosing a fire door installer is an essential step to comply with the very latest legislations. The company or contractor that you choose should be fully accredited, certified, and experienced in the trade. We recommend considering checking out further case studies, online reviews and ensuring that the company provides a free survey and quotation. Here at JST Construction, the management team are qualified and highly experienced in fire door installation, fire door stopping, and compartmentation. We are fully accredited with TrustMark, BuildAssure, and CHAS.

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