Fire Doors Wrexham

Fire doors in Wrexham are a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties including shops, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. Here at JST Construction, we are proud to be your BM Trada Certified fire door installer with decades of experience and expertise behind us. We are passionate about fire safety and ensuring that your commercial building is as protected as it can be in the event of a fire outbreak. The main purpose of fire doors is to stop the spread of fire from transferring throughout your full property.

JST Construction provides comprehensive fire door installation, compartmentation, and fire door stopping. After we have installed your fire door(s), you will also receive full documentation and BM Trada certification as evidence that you are fully obliged with the very latest fire-safety regulations. As well as helping to prevent the spread of fire throughout your property, fire doors are also hugely beneficial for increasing safety and reducing damage in the event of a fire outbreak. Fire doors installed are manufactured from high-quality and robust materials such as steel, gypsum, and other preferable materials. For more information or to receive your FREE no-obligation quotation today, please call us now on 0151 355 9232 or use our contact form.

Fire Doors Wrexham - Key Facts

It will be no surprise to you that fire doors are built thicker than a standard door and are manufactured from a solid core of variable material. This is, of course, to prevent the spread of fire and maximise fire-safety within your premises.

Fire doors are a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties ( Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) and failure to comply with the latest regulations can results in prosecutions and hefty fines.

Fire doors can withstand fire for a significant period of time. Because of their solid core and robust materials, they can often withstand fire for between 30-60 minutes which gives time for the emergency services to arrive and act quickly.

Three sets of hinged are normally required with fire doors and they must all be fire-rated. Fire door signs should also be fitted on each side of the door.

Fire Doors Wrexham – Installation

If you’re looking for for fire door installation, look no further than our excellent and knowledgable installers at JST Construction. We offer FREE surveys before proposing the exact amount of fire doors that you require for your property type and size. We will also then provide you with a no-obligation quotation. Fire door installation can be comprehensively carried out at all commercial and industrial premises to ensure full compliance with fire-safety laws and regulations. Once installed, our team will also carry out rigorous testing, a detailed report, and risk assessment.

Why Fire Door Compartmentation & Fire Stopping?

JST Construction are also experts in fire door stopping and compartmentation. Both are extremely important in relation to overall fire-safety and fire protection for your industrial or commercial premises. Fire door stopping and compartmentation refers to the fillings of openings in walls and doors to ensure that fire cannot pass through and spread. Our team at JST Construction can ensure this doesn’t happen by using industry-leading and certified fire-resistant materials to fill in all openings and passages.

Fire Door Servicing Wrexham

If you’re seeking fire door servicing in Northwich, this is a service we can provide. In line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the ”responsible” person of your business is legally-obligated to arrange for fire door servicing. Fire door servicing is a requirement for all non-domestic properties AND blocks of flats and HMO’s (houses of multiple occupancy).

Knowing that fire doors are in good working condition provides peace of mind to building occupants, owners, and managers. It ensures that a critical component of fire safety is reliable and ready to perform when needed.

Fire door servicing and inspections carried out by JST Construction will include checking for:

  • Gaps and seals
  • Ensuring closers are in good condition
  • Ensuring hinges are in good condition
  • Checking full door operation

When it comes to fire doors in Wrexham, JST Construction is your number #1 choice. We are a fully accredited company with the following:

Why Choose JST Construction?

Here at JST Construction, we are proud of the work that we carry out for our clients. Our management team is qualified and highly experienced in all aspects of construction management. We are fully accredited company with the likes of TrustMark, CHAS, BuildAssure, and SafeContractor. Whether you’re looking for fire door installation, fire door stopping, or alternate service, we would love to hear from you today. Furthermore, we have a fantastic reputation in Wrexham as a Google 5-star rated company. The experience of JST Construction dates back well over 20+ years.

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For more information or to receive your FREE no-obligation quotation for fire doors in Wrexham, please get in touch with us today by calling our friendly team on 0151 355 9232. Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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    Fire Doors Wrexham – FAQs

    It’s no overstatement when we say that fire doors can be a literal lifesaver, in the event of a fire outbreak, within commercial premises. They are well-equipped for withstanding both fire and smoke. Fire doors compartmentalise fire and smoke within the room that a fire starts which helps to buy time for the emergency services to arrive before escalation.

    Although this depends on the condition of your fire door(s), a typical door can normally withhold fire for anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

    Several different components make up a fire door. Components include; door leaf, door frame, smoke/fire seals, intumescent strips, hinges, and door closers. Each component is essential for ensuring maximum fire safety, and all work in unison. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with JST Construction.

    Fire doors are a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties throughout the UK. It is the responsibility of property owners and managers to ensure that they are best protecting employees and the building. Private businesses, public sector businesses, and commercial premises must have an adequate number of fire doors professionally installed and serviced.

    This is a common question that we are asked all of the time by our clients. Essentially, fire doors can be painted with normal paint but we strongly advise against using excessively thick paint. Using fire-rated paint is always the best course of action. If you have any questions regarding fire doors and paint, make sure you get in touch with JST Construction.

    Certainly, glazed fire doors are a viable option, but adherence to precise regulations and guidelines is imperative to guarantee the sustained fire resistance and overall integrity of the door assembly. We strongly recommend consulting our team at JST to ensure that any plans involving the installation or modification of glazed fire doors align meticulously with safety regulations.

    It is possible for fire doors to be repaired. However, it’s vital to approach repairs with caution. At no point should you risk repairs if there is any doubt that individual components can’t be repaired to regulations and safety standards. If there is any doubt or repairs aren’t possible, replacements and installation are always the next best alternative.

    FD30 fire doors are a type of fire-rated door designed to provide fire resistance for a specified duration, typically 30 minutes. FD30 fire doors are commonly used in various building applications where a 30-minute fire resistance rating is required, such as residential buildings, commercial properties, and public spaces. 

    The specific rooms that require fire doors can vary depending on your type and size of building or property. Fire doors are commonly required in corridors, stairwells, and exit routes to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different parts of a building. You’ll know exactly which rooms fire doors are required upon completion of your fire risk assessment.

    Yes. Intumescent strips serve as essential elements on fire doors, serving to increase their fire-resistant characteristics and guarantee their ability to contain fire and smoke effectively. These strips are integral to the complete fire door assembly, functioning by expanding and sealing gaps along the door’s edges when exposed to the heat generated during a fire.