Fire Doors Wirral

JST Construction install fire doors in Wirral for a multitude of commercial and industrial-type premises.

In recent years, we’ve made fire doors and fire compartmentation our main services. We supply and install fire doors in Wirral and surrounding areas to protect commercial properties from fire hazards with BM Trada’s approval. The audit and certification firm BM Trada regulates a number of national and international building safety standards, including ISO 17021, ISO 17024, and ISO 17065.

After the horrible incidents at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, we decided to take fire safety more seriously than ever. We promptly received our BM TRADA accreditation in order to manage our facilities more effectively. The JST Construction fire risk management team works hard to improve fire compliance in your commercial locations. That sets us apart from our modern competitors. To differentiate ourselves from the competition, we have built our fire plans to reduce the risks of fire dangers across all industrial and commercial units. 

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Fire Doors Wirral - Key Facts

Fire doors save lives and prevent further damage to the building and its contents by containing the fire in the rooms which it started. Therefore, fire doors help to keep corridors and escape routes clear of fire.

As a result of this, it helps to buy more time for occupants within the building to escape the fire and provides better access for the fire service.

Fire doors comprise of several different components that all play their individual part in maximising fire safety within your commercial or industrial premises.

Components of a typical fire door include; the frame, smoke seals, overhead door closers, and fire door hinges.

Fire Doors Wirral –  Installation

Wirral and the surrounding areas are home to top-notch fire doors for all types of commercial and industrial buildings due to JST Construction. Because they significantly slow down or minimise the impact when fire breaks out, fire doors are an important part of passive fire safety because they help to stop the spread of smoke and toxins throughout your building. Our professionals can offer and install industry-leading fire doors that adhere to the most recent Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requirements.

Why Fire Door Compartmentation & Fire Stopping?

JST Construction is an accredited, qualified, and licensed fire door contractor that can provide unrivaled compartmentation and fire door-stopping services. This is done by locating potentially concealed spots where it could be difficult to flee a fire or evacuate. After that, we can appropriately install cavity barriers, fire stops, and dampers in ducts, among other things, to protect escape routes. All compartmentation is offered to businesses and commercial properties in compliance with current Building Regulations and British Standards laws to stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hazardous gases.

How Can JST Construction Help With Fire Door Compartmentation?

Our team at JST Construction has been providing outstanding fire door installation, fire door stopping, and fire compartmentation services for many years and continues to do so. We offer thorough and industry-leading fire door services for commercial buildings of all sizes and types. Taking care of your clients and ensuring their safety whilst at your property are our top objectives, and we take great satisfaction in the enduring relationships we have built. 

Fire Door Servicing Wirral

As well as providing comprehensive fire door installation, JST Construction are also able to provide fire door servicing throughout Wirral for business premises of all types and sizes. In-line with the Fire Safety Order, the ”responsible person” is legally obliged to arrange for fire door servicing and inspection.

Fire door servicing is paramount beyond ensuring compliance. It’s also essential for maximising the lifespan and longevity of your fire doors which can help to save you thousands of pounds in the long-term.

Your fire doors play an integral part in your overall fire safety plan and therefore, ensuring that they operate to full operation should be guaranteed. Our team at JST Construction provide dedicated fire door servicing which consists of checking of:

  • Gaps and seals
  • Ensuring closers are in good condition
  • Ensuring hinges are in good condition
  • Checking full door operation

Why Choose JST Construction?

For more than 20 years, JST Construction has maintained its reputation for delivering the greatest work at the most affordable pricing. Whether you require one or multiple fire doors, we are able to offer a comprehensive fire door service and ensure maximum fire safety for your premises, employees and visitors.

We are a fully accredited company with the following:

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    Fire Doors Wirral – FAQs

    When it comes to protecting and fireproofing a building, fire doors are a crucial part of the strategy. Fire doors can be made with a combination of materials, most commonly timber, steel, gypsum, and aluminium. Sometimes, they have windows too, which are made from borosilicate or ceramic glass which cope well with fire hazards as opposed to standard glass. Fire doors work by being flush with the frame with any gaps being filled with silicone based fire resistant sealant as well as other features. 

    Under the Regulatory Fire Reform, non-domestic buildings are required to get their fire doors checked every six months. It’s so important to get them checked by a professional company because they’ll be able to give you accurate advice and details on your situation. This act and effort could genuinely save someone’s life.

    We have a couple of top quality services relating to fire. First and foremost, we install fire doors to a multitude of building types and sectors. We also do fire compartmentation which coincides with fire doors excellently. Fire compartmentation involves us looking at the layout of your building and seeing whether we could apply any construction work in order to make it more fire safe. For example, if there was one large room that was used for two different purposes, we may look to add in a wall with a fire door in between. This simply means that if there was a fire, there would be more ways of escaping the building and more ways of containing the fire.

    We work in a plethora of different sectors which is something we’re very proud of here at JST Construction. Our portfolio has grown massively over the years to include lots of building types. We’ve worked in retail, construction, banking, education, government sector and everything in between as well. We are passionate about creating fireproof spaces for businesses, landlords and individuals so get in touch with us today.

    The frequency of fire door inspections can vary depending on local regulations, the type of building, and the specific needs of the doors in question. For most types of businesses and premises, annual servicing is a legal obligation. It’s important to note that fire door inspections should be carried out by qualified professionals or individuals with expertise in fire door regulations and standards.

    A fire rating, often referred to as a fire-resistance rating, is a measure of the ability of a building component, such as a wall, floor, ceiling, or door, to withstand exposure to fire for a specified period of time. JST Construction regularly provides fire door servicing in the Wirral for FD30 and FD60 fire doors (doors that can withstand fire for 30 or 60 minutes).

    Fire door consists of several key components that work together to provide fire resistance and safety. The key components of a fire door include: door leaf, door frame, intumescent seals, self-closing device, fire-rated hardware, and fire door signage.

    An accredited and reputable company in your area, just like JST Construction, should be selected to provide the installation or servicing of your fire doors. Our team will be able to audit your fire doors and come to the conclusion whether your current fire door(s) require replacement.

    Yes, fire doors typically require signage or labels to indicate their purpose, fire rating, and compliance with fire safety standards. Fire door signage and labelling are essential for identification and compliance.

    There are multiple ways to get in touch with our team. You can give us a call on 0151 355 9232 where we have a team monitoring the lines all day long between working hours. Alternatively, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.