Fire Doors Winsford

Looking for fire doors in Winsford to ensure compliance and maximise fire safety? JST Construction have been the experts in the area for several years now and we’ve been grateful enough to work on some incredible projects varying in sector, size and scale too. 

Fire doors play a vital role in keeping your buildings, people and assets safe from what can have devastating and catastrophic effects. As a business, we are BM Trada certified meaning we are perfectly suited to fit fire doors at your building or premises. 

BM Trada is an audit and certification organisation that helps regulate the national and international standards of safety in buildings, including ISO 17021, ISO 17024 and ISO 17065.

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Fire Doors Winsford - More Information

You’ve seen elements of the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017 – a disaster that simply shouldn’t have happened. Our mission as a company is to help as many businesses, organisations and individuals as possible to become more fire safe. Together, we could potentially save someone’s life.

JST Construction urge you to deal with your fire safety obligations immediately as it could save you a lot of issues in the long run. We deem it our duty to work with you to ensure precautions are taken to a proper and legal standard.

Fire Doors Winsford –  Installation

JST Construction provides comprehensive fire door installation in Winsford. We have an extensive portfolio in Winsford covering commercial, residential and industrial properties. Leisure centres, warehouses, business units, offices and more.

We carefully select what brands we work with and who we supply and install because we want to ensure there is a level of quality and product assurance on every job we do. We strive for quality in all elements of our work from installation, servicing, maintenance and everything in between.

A well installed, high standard fire door can provide the best chance of someone being protected from fire for long in any unforeseen circumstances.

Why Fire Door Compartmentation & Fire Stopping?

Fire door compartmentation is a an effective way of breaking up a building structurally to allow for longer periods of time to escape and for fire to spread less. Fire door compartmentation works by subsiding space within a building thus maximising the protection it can give to occupants.

Here’s a good example of how fire compartmentation can be life saving. If you imagine that a fire was to break out in a hallway of an office, and you were in a meeting room down the hall – there would likely be a fire wall, fire door and fire safety equipment in the way before the fire gets to your meeting room.

Fire Door Servicing Winsford

JST Construction also provide fire door servicing in Winsford and the surrounding areas. We have decades of experience with providing servicing for offices, warehouses, and other commercial premises within the area. Regardless of the size of your premises, you can be sure that our company are here to ensure you are compliant with the latest regulations.

Comprehensive fire door servicing consists of inspecting your doors to identify any visible damage, defects, or further wear and tear. Servicing undertaken by our team will also include; frame inspection, hardware checks, functional test, and much more. You’ll also receive full documentation upon completion of fire door servicing at your property.

Fire door servicing and inspections carried out by JST Construction will include checking for:

•Gaps and seals
•Ensuring closers are in good condition
•Ensuring hinges are in good condition
•Checking full door operation

Why Choose JST Construction?

JST Construction are the number one company for fire doors and fire compartmentation in Winsford and the surrounding towns and cities. We will go above and beyond for you as the customer and we truly believe safety is of paramount importance. Health, safety and protection may not feel like the most exciting topic for you but honestly, you could potentially save someone’s life and never underestimate that. Our team is truly amazing with all the knowledge and experience you could need and we take on projects of all size and complexity. 

We are a fully accredited company with the following:

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    Fire Doors Winsford – FAQs

    Fire doors are typically installed in various locations throughout a building to compartmentalise and contain the spread of fire, smoke, and heat in the event of a fire emergency. Fire doors are generally installed in the following locations; exit routes, areas with high fire risk, and close to fire exits.

    Yes, fire doors are typically required to be self-closing as part of their fire safety function. The self-closing mechanism can vary and may include door closers, spring hinges, or other devices that automatically return the door to a closed position once it’s been opened.

    Yes, fire doors need to be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure that they continue to function as intended and provide effective fire protection. Regular fire door servicing is also critical for extending the lifespan of your fire door and reducing the need for costly replacement.

    Fire doors can serve as emergency exits, but their use as emergency exits depends on several factors, including their location, design, and the specific building codes and regulations in place. It’s important to consult with local building authorities and fire safety experts to ensure that fire doors are used appropriately as emergency exits.

    If you’re ready to get started with JST Construction, it’s super easy to get started. For more information or to get started, please call us directly on 0151 355 9232. Alternatively, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you. 

    The lifespan of a fire door depends on factors like usage, maintenance, and local regulations. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensure their effectiveness. If well-looked after and serviced, in-line with the latest regulations, you can expect your fire door(s) to last for between 15-25 years.

    Fire doors should be inspected regularly, typically on an annual basis, to ensure they are in proper working condition. More frequent inspections may be required in high-traffic areas. For example, if your premises is a warehouse or supermarket, quarterly servicing may be required to ensure maximum fire safety.

    Building codes vary, but in many places, fire doors are not typically required in individual residential units. However, they may be required in common areas or shared spaces. Call JST Construction and we will be happy to investigate this for you and confirm whether or not you require fire door(s).

    Fire doors are constructed with materials that can withstand fire for a specified period, allowing occupants to escape and reducing property damage.

    Any modifications to a fire door, including painting, should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid compromising its fire resistance. If you have any questions regarding this, it’s always good to check with an accredited fire door company first before proceeding.