Fire Doors Widnes

Here at JST Construction we install high quality fire doors in Widnes for all types of businesses, organisations and companies across the North West. We also take on lots of construction projects in the area so we have a diverse portfolio of work overall. We’ve been in business for a number of years and have since become specialists in fire safety and protection services. Dealing with this important work is crucial to keeping people safe and sound and simply shouldn’t be shunned to a side by people. It’s taken some time, effort and resource to become specialists however we deemed it our industry duty to do so.

We are certified by BM Trada to protect commercial buildings from fire hazards by installing fire doors and more. BM Trada is an audit and certification organisation that helps regulate the national and international standards of safety in buildings, including ISO 17021, ISO 17024 and ISO 17065. For many years we’ve worked in Widnes especially but have been lucky enough to expand massively into other towns and cities. For your no-obligation quotation, please call us today on 0151 355 9232 or use our online contact form.

Fire Doors Widnes - Key Facts

 In the past, we’ve seen some terrible high profile fire cases, such as the Grenfell Tower disaster back in 2017. Following, we felt it was necessary to upskill our teams and ensure something like this doesn’t happen again. We made it mandatory for our employees to attend classes and seminars in this area to broaden their knowledge, skills and qualifications.

These certifications now allow us to construct and install fire safety and protection products to buildings such as offices, warehouses, factories, apartment blocks and more. 

Three sets of the fire door hinged are usually recommended for each door and they must be fire-rated. Fire door signs should also be fitted on each side of the door. 

Fire door frames should be the same rating as the fire door (ideally purchased as a set). If you wish to paint fire door, you are able to so. Fire doors can be painted using regular decorative paint.

Fire Doors Widnes –  Installation

We have strong attributes and capabilities when it comes to fire door installations, in particular for commercial and industrial premises. The importance of this should never be undermined because it could genuinely save someone’s life. The scenario when this would occur, would be if a fire was to break out and spread fast in a building. One service we provide is the installation of fire doors that can be fire resistant for up to 60 minutes in some cases. Somewhat blocking the fire, fumes and smoke will give more time to escape.

We have a fantastic supply chain of manufacturers and brands. We only work with the best because you can’t play around with safety. All the doors we supply and install to you as the customer are compliant with the latest regulations including Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and we provide comprehensive reports, risk assessment and maintenance check-ups on your situations. We’re always here when you need us.

Why Fire Door Compartmentation & Fire Stopping?

You may be wondering why fire door compartmentation and fire stopping? It’s a good question to ask because your new knowledge could save someone’s life. Being proactive in this area and always aiming to improve your standards is music to our ears. Not even from a business perspective but simply from a safety standpoint. Going above and beyond to protect your staff members, employees, tenants, friends, family, teams and more is the sign of a true leader.

The fire compartmentation service itself is the subdivision of buildings into smaller, more manageable areas of risk. The reason for this is that if a fire were to happen and spread then there would be multiple means for escaping across the entire building itself. For example, if a fire were to happen in a main corridor and you were in a different office room, you’d have an exit and protected space in which to get out of, thus avoiding the fire area

How Can JST Construction Help With Fire Door Compartmentation?

We have been operating within fire safety and protection for a number of years now and prior to this, have been running as a business in other parts of construction for many more too. We will physically build and install fire barriers within your buildings to ensure fires can’t spread. You may think a fire won’t happen in your building but think again about the potential hazards around that found cause one. Faulty machinery, a human accident, arson and lots more too.

The truth is, you never actually know what’s to come and so you should protect your assets against something sinister. We’re proud to be the one’s helping and supporting people through these things. Our team is knowledgeable, talented, professional and helpful at all times. We can actually assist you and your building in a number of ways including; installing cavity barriers, fire doors, fire stopping and dampers in ducts, protecting escape routes and way more too. Our services are of the highest quality and we always have health and safety at the top priority.

Fire Door Servicing Widnes

Here at JST Construction, we are also able to provide comprehensive fire door servicing in Widnes and the surrounding areas. It is a legal obligation for all non-domestic properties to have a fire door professionally installed. But that’s not enough, you need to ensure annual servicing and inspection is completed by a BM Trade accredited company just like ourselves.

Fire door servicing consists of the inspection of individual components of each door to ensure they are in full working operation so that in the event of a fire, your door can serve its purpose and preserve the fire therefore reducing the spread.

Fire door servicing and inspections carried out by JST Construction will include checking for:

  • Gaps and seals
  • Ensuring closers are in good condition
  • Ensuring hinges are in good condition
  • Checking full door operation

Why Choose JST Construction?

JST Construction is proud of the work we do. We are a business built on strong values and excellent reputation. We’ve been working in Widnes for years and it’s a place we’ve been grateful for having much success. We have a plethora or positive reviews too which you can find both on our website and social media channels.

Please feel free to check them out if you want to. We constantly work hard to develop our skills and always put safety before profit. With something as important as fire safety and protection, you can’t skim around the edges. We’ve worked on a variety of project types and there really isn’t much we haven’t seen. This means we’re perfectly placed to work on your upcoming fire safety and protection project.

When it comes to fire door installation in Widnes, JST Construction is your number #1 choice. We are a fully accredited company with the following:

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If you’re now thinking you need to chat to us, firstly it’s a good choice. Secondly, you can get in touch in a number of ways. You can call us on 0151 355 9232, you can send us an email on or you complete the contact form below. We are active across all these spaces so a member of our team will respond as quickly as they can. We hope to hear from you soon here at JST Construction Widnes.

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    Fire Doors Widnes – FAQs

    For all non-domestic properties, such as commercial and industrial premises, fire doors are a legal requirement. Our team at JST Construction are here to assist you with the quantity and positioning of your fire doors. From the initial consultation through to the assessment, we’ll make things very clear for you.

    The fire doors in Widnes that we fit are highly durable and fit-for-purpose. However, much like any other type of door, fire doors can become damaged. Especially in the event of a fire. Realistically, it depends on the extent of the damage but if there is any cause for concern, we strictly recommend replacing the door.

    There are several different ways that you accurately check if a fire door is certified. The easiest way to do this is to check the top or side of the door for a certification sticker. Other ways include checking the seal of the door is intact, and checking the hinges are tight and firm.

    JST Construction will ensure that you have the sufficient amount of fire doors professionally installed to ensure you are complying with the latest fire safety regulations to protect your premises and occupants. It’s likely that you may need more than one fire door.

    Fire doors are typically made of solid core construction with solid wood making up the core of the door. Furthermore, fire doors consist of fire-rated hinges, fire-rated frames, and fire-rated handles.

    Yes, fire doors can be glazed, but there are specific regulations and guidelines that must be followed to ensure that the glazed portion maintains the fire resistance and integrity of the door assembly. It’s essential to consult with our team at JST to ensure that any glazed fire doors you intend to install or modify comply with local building codes and safety regulations.

    It’s true that it may be possible for minor surface damage to be repaired. However, if there are any major defects in the door or frame, it’s essential that you get in touch with JST Construction. We are a BM Trada accredited company and can provide a like-for-like replacement, ensuring you are not compromising fire safety.

    FD30 fire doors are a type of fire-rated door designed to provide fire resistance for a specified duration, typically 30 minutes. The “FD” stands for “Fire Door,” and the number “30” indicates the minimum time, in minutes, that the door is expected to withstand the spread of fire and smoke in a fire-rated assembly.

    The specific rooms that require fire doors can vary depending on your type and size of building or property. Fire doors are commonly required in corridors, stairwells, and exit routes to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different parts of a building. You’ll know exactly which rooms fire doors are required upon completion of your fire risk assessment.

    Yes, intumescent strips are required components on fire doors to enhance their fire-resistant properties and ensure their effectiveness in containing fire and smoke. Intumescent strips are an integral part of the overall fire door assembly, and their purpose is to expand and seal gaps around the edges of the door when exposed to heat from a fire.