Fire Doors vs Fire shutters – Which is required?

Fire Doors vs Fire shutters – Which is required?

Fire Doors vs Fire shutters – Which is required?

In the world of fire safety, there are crucial decisions that must be made in order to safeguard people’s lives as well as the property itself.

Two major ways that businesses, organisations and individuals protect themselves from fire is by installing fire doors and fire shutters. Both are critical in potentially saving someone’s life and limiting the damage that could be caused.

Fire doors and shutters do things such as preventing the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases that could provide people valuable time in order to escape the building safely.

It may come to a time when you’re forced to choose between a  particular fire door or a fire shutter and in this blog we will aim to provide some benefits of both as well as circumstances where one may be more suitable than the other. 

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Fire Doors & Fire Shutters

Fire doors and shutters are both integral components of a building’s passive fire protection system.

Fire doors are actually a legal requirement for all businesses and for all buildings with three stories or more under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire shutters on the other hand, aren’t exactly a legal requirement but we would say they are necessary in a whole host of circumstances.

There are lots of types of fire doors including FD30’s and FD60’s which indicate the amount of time (in minutes) that they’re fire resistant.  A fire shutter has a specific fire resistance level of one to four hours according to BS EN 16034:2014.

There are also lots of different types of fire shutters including roller shutters and motor fire shutters as well as many more. Fire doors are usually made from fire-resistant materials such as steel and they come equipped with intumescent seals that expand when exposed to heat, forming an effective barrier against flames and smoke.

As you can tell, both fire doors and fire shutters are very clever pieces of equipment. 

Benefits of Fire Doors

There are plenty of benefits to fire doors. Fire doors are very versatile with an option for almost any type of building and organisation. They’re used in a variety of settings including commercial buildings, residential properties and industrial facilities too.

You can get your fire doors in a number of sizes, designs, colours and specifications meaning they’ll fit right into your space perfectly. Fire doors are also very accessible and user friendly. They can be equipped with various features such as a ‘panic button’ meaning they’re easy to open during emergencies and there are plenty of other features you can have.

Another benefit of a fire door is its ability to aid compartmentation of a building which is the division of a building into fire-proof areas meaning the spread of the fire and smoke is limited.

Fire doors are also very tough, sturdy and reliable meaning it can carry out its primary function over and over again with minimal effort required. 


  • Highly versatile
  • They aid compartmentation
  • Limit the spread of fire internally
  • Used in a variety of settings
  • Ensure legal compliance

Benefits of Fire Shutters

Fire shutters provide an extra layer of protection to your building which could prove massively beneficial should the worst happen on your premises. We hear from a lot of people that they think it’ll never happen to them but then suddenly it does and effectively, their fire shutters helped to limit the damage massively.

Fire shutters are known for their robust construction, offering high fire resistance ratings. They are commonly installed in areas that require extra fire protection, such as industrial facilities and storage units but this isn’t to say that they aren’t required at other places such as shop fronts or schools for example.

A further benefit to fire shutters is the fact that they’re suited to protecting large openings which is good for loading bays, warehouse entrances and the like where normal fire doors might not suffice. Fire shutters are also great at insulating buildings when they’re not protecting from fire which is good in winter months.

Other benefits include the fact that fire shutters are really strong and have good security advantages. Finally, you can get fire shutters with certain designs that look fantastic which doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of your building. 


  • Additional layer of protection
  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for large property openings
  • Security advantages
  • Ensure legal compliance

So, Fire Doors Or Shutters?

There are various considerations to think about when choosing whether to get fire doors and fire shutters so allow us to provide some tips on how to pick.

Firstly, the layout of your area and the space available may be an important factor in helping you choose.

For example a building with a large entrance or opening may be suited to fire shutters but a building with a specific shape would most likely suit fire doors. You should also consider what your professional risk assessment company suggests as they have years of experience in hand.

We often work closely with our clients to help them select the best fire safety and protection products based on their needs and requirements. Another factor to consider is who and how many people you have flowing in and out of the building. High-traffic areas may benefit from fire doors with panic hardware, ensuring swift and safe evacuation.

Though, fire shutters may also be suitable depending on the circumstance. A couple of other things to think about is what you want it to look like, though this isn’t highest on the priority list and of course your budget because that’s important too. 

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