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Are you looking for quality fire door in Northwich? JST Construction is the trusted and BM Trada certified company to call. We have hundreds of happy customers who are now fully compliant with regulations and have peace of mind knowing their fire doors can provide up to 60 minutes of vital extra time in the event of a fire. Keeping smoke and fire contained is an integral part of any commercial or industrial building’s fire safety plan. Playing such a massive role in saving lives means it needs to be done correctly. At JST Construction, we take safety seriously, providing quality fire doors installed by experienced certified fitters and helping you to design your fire safety plan for maximum benefit.

We never want to see another tragedy like Grenfell Tower. So this makes us determined to help prevent it from ever happening again by putting fire safety at the forefront of what we do. With the right fire doors, correctly fitted, you can buy crucial time for fire services to arrive, allowing occupants more time to escape whilst protecting them from toxic smoke and fumes and minimising damage to the building.

For more information about how our team at JST Construction can best assist with fire doors in Northwich and ensure full compliance and fire-safety for your property, please get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 0151 355 9232 or use our online contact form.

Fire Doors Northwich - Key Facts

It isn’t just the doors that need to be fire safe, but also the hinges, of which three sets are required, and the frame, which needs to be the same rating as the door, buying them as a set should provide this.

Any building that isn’t domestic is required by law to have fire doors fitted, and failure to do so can result in prosecution.

The seal around your fire doors is what keeps toxic fumes out. If this is damaged or worn, it is imperative that you replace it. Remember, it is often the fumes that kill before the fire itself.

Besides the obvious doors, extinguishers and evacuation procedures, you should also have an appointed fire safety person to manage all of the requirements and keep everything updated.

Keen to make your office spaces fire-safe? Get in touch with our professional fire compartmentation team to get a quick solution for your units.

Fire Door Installation

We offer competitive prices on our 5* service. Whether you want one door or dozens, we offer a personalised, made-to-measure service to ensure your fire doors are entirely fit for purpose. Our skilled, knowledgeable fitters bring fire safety expertise and a passion for helping save lives, carrying out extensive testing once installed to ensure the doors are 100% safe and compliant. We are able to provide fire door installation for a number of different business across a multitude of sectors. It is a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties to have professionally installed and fire-rated fire door installed in your premises to best protect infrastructure, occupants, and the contents of your building.

Why Fire Door Compartmentation & Fire Stopping?

Large and multi-floor buildings can suffer massive devastation if a fire breaks out. Once it’s going, fire can spread alarmingly fast. For buildings with numerous floors, this may mean people don’t have enough time to escape, and the building gets damaged beyond repair. Creating compartments within the building using protective elements in walls, floors, ceilings and doors can. keep fire fully contained and protect escape routes. Moreover, fire compartmentation and fire stopping also helps to contain a fire outbreak for a considerable period of time to prevent it from escalating and causing havoc throughout your property and transferring. Therefore, this gives the emergency services plenty of time to act accordingly and put a stop to potential fire outbreaks.

How Can JST Construction Help With Fire Door Compartmentation?

We have designed and implemented effective functional compartmentation to protect people’s lives and prevent the total destruction of buildings and contents. We use only the highest quality materials to completely seal spaces off from fumes and smoke and install cavity barriers to protect the designated compartments.

Why Choose JST Construction?

We are genuinely passionate about fire safety. As such, we are qualified, experienced, and up to date with all the latest building and fire safety regulations and best practices in this area. We don’t just fit a standard fire door; we work with you to create the safest environment possible, and we NEVER cut corners. With over 20 years of experience in delivering high-quality service that doesn’t break the bank and hundreds of happy customers, you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

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