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JST Construction provides fire door inspection, also referred to as fire door servicing, throughout The North West Of England and North Wales to ensure full compliance and safety for all.

Fire doors play an integral part in your fire safety plan and should therefore be regularly checked to ensure they are kept in pristine condition in the event of a fire. It’s no overstatement to say that conducting fire door inspection may be the difference between life and potential fatalities. In line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire doors must be rigorously inspected by an accredited contractor at least once every six months.

If your fire door is installed in a high-traffic area, such as a supermarket or hotel, it should be inspected more often to ensure safety for all employees, guests, and visitors. Failure to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in regard to fire inspection and fire servicing requirements, will result in heavy prosecutions. JST Construction is here to ensure you avoid those prosecutions and maximise your fire safety plan.

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Fire Door Servicing - Facts

Under the Fire Safety Order, the ”responsible person” of the premises is legally responsible for arranging fire door inspection / fire door servicing. This may be the building manager or landlord.

It’s the responsibility of the ”responsible person” to arrange for the fire inspection company to conduct a rigorous and comprehensive service of all door(s) in line with regulations.

High traffic buildings / premises should conducted fire inspections more frequently than the recommended once every six months timeline to ensure maximum fire safety.

This is due to the fact that high-traffic fire doors may be used more regularly and they should therefore be checked much more frequently than a low-traffic premises or building.

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Fire Door Inspection

Fire door inspection (fire door servicing) involves rigorously testing individual parts of your fire door to check for any potential faults that may affect your door(s) capabilities in the event of a fire. Individual checks include the following;-


One of the first checks our engineers at JST Construction will perform is to ensure your fire door(s) are certified. Latches, locks, hinges, and closers must all be CE-marked and fully compatible with the door leaf’s certification.


Another major check that will be conducted within a comprehensive fire door inspection will be to check all gaps and seals around your fire door(s). It’s essential to make sure intumescent strips are solidly fitted at the sides and top of your door(s).


As part of fire door servicing, we’ll check that your door closers are fully functional as they should be. Closers should be able to effortlessly close onto the latch with ease from any position. Ensuring closers are fully functioning is imperative to contain fire and smoke.


We’ll also check that all hinges that make up your fire door are still in the best possible condition. We will also make sure that the fire doors fitted are still adequate to work with the weight of your fire door(s).


Once we have checked the individual parts of your door, we’ll ensure that the door works well in full operation.

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    Fire door inspections are crucial for maintaining fire safety in buildings. They help identify any deficiencies or issues that may compromise the effectiveness of fire doors in containing fire and smoke. Regular inspections ensure that fire doors are functioning correctly, providing occupants with adequate protection and time to evacuate in case of a fire.

    Fire doors should be inspected annually as a general guideline. However, the frequency of inspections may vary based on local regulations, building usage, and occupancy type. It is important to consult applicable codes and standards or engage a qualified fire door inspector to determine the appropriate inspection schedule for your specific building.

    Fire door inspections should be conducted by qualified individuals, just like our team at JST Construction, who have knowledge and expertise in fire door systems and relevant fire safety regulations. Fire door inspectors may be certified professionals, fire safety engineers, or individuals with specialised training in fire door inspections.

    A fire door inspection typically includes a comprehensive visual examination of each fire door and its components. This may involve checking the door’s condition, including the frame, hardware, seals, glazing (if applicable), signage, and overall functionality. Inspectors may also verify the proper operation of closing devices and conduct tests to assess the door’s performance.

    Common issues identified during fire door inspections include damaged or missing door components, improper installation, gaps between the door and frame, damaged or missing seals, defective closing devices, and improper signage. Non-compliance with fire safety standards and regulations is also a common finding.

    If a fire door fails inspection, appropriate measures should be taken to rectify the identified deficiencies. This may involve repairing or replacing damaged components, adjusting door closers, installing missing seals, or addressing any other issues that compromise the door’s fire resistance and functionality. Follow-up inspections should be conducted to verify that the necessary corrections have been made.

    Documentation of fire door inspections is essential for record-keeping and compliance purposes. Inspectors typically provide detailed reports that outline the findings, deficiencies, and recommended actions. These reports can serve as a reference for future inspections and demonstrate compliance with fire safety regulations.

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