Fire Doors For Schools

Fire Doors For Schools

Fire Doors For Schools

JST Construction supply and install exceptional fire doors for schools.

Schools are buildings that carry lots of strict health and safety requirements and for good reason too. Schools have a responsibility under the Regulatory Reform; Fire Safety Order (FSO) 2005 to ensure that everyone in the building is kept safe; including pupils, teachers, and support staff. A key part of this is making sure that all fire doors are fitted and maintained properly. Adults and children walk through doors thousands of times a day without a second thought about their function and importance.

Fire doors actually play a crucial role in protecting everyone against fire, smoke, gas and fumes because of their airtight seal present when they’re closed. Schools will have a dedicated fire strategy that covers things such as fire risk assessments, fire doors, fire escape routes, fire plans, fire equipment and lots more too. This article has been created to explain the importance of fire doors in particular when it comes to a school environment so we hope you find it interesting and helpful.

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Fire Doors For Schools

Lots of people actually think that in a school, every door must be a fire rated door but this is false. You only need to have fire doors in certain places to ensure they are compartmentalised in the case of a fire. Common areas you’d see fire doors in schools are in stairwell and staircase areas. This is because there would be a means of escaping upper areas should a fire break out there. Long corridors in schools are also places where fire doors are required.

You’ll likely find self closing or automatic closing fire doors in corridors because they actually close on their own accord upon detection of fire or smoke. Corridors that are extremely long will need a fire door installed every 12 metres as a safety precaution. Fire doors should also be present in every classroom to protect the people within it as much as possible.

What’s also important to know is that a school’s fire doors should be maintained and checked regularly under the Regulatory Reform; Fire Safety Order (FSO) 2005. This doesn’t actually state a specific time period but we could suggest every six months is good form on this.

There are many different types of fire doors on the market so which ones are suitable for a school setting? The answer is actually a variety of fire doors but let’s look at a couple of types. In the UK, most fire doors are FD30’s which allows for 30 minutes of fire resistance.

These are installed in schools a lot with some more high risk areas having FD60’s put in which as you may have guessed, provide 60 minutes of fire protection. To know exactly what fire door you may need in your school, and where, we would recommend getting in a competent professional to do a fire door inspection and survey. 

Considering the environment a fire door would be in, in a school, you’re likely to encounter lots of footfall traffic on a daily basis. This means you will probably see a lot of wear so choosing the right finishes and materials is key. Also, monitoring the state of the fire doors is of paramount importance because you may need some work done before the routine maintenance happens.

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