Fire Doors & Compartmentation

In recent years, we have adopted Fire Compartmentation as one of our key services. We are now certified by BM Trada to protect commercial buildings from fire hazards.

BM Trada is an audit and certification organization that helps regulate the national and international standards of safety in buildings, including ISO 17021, ISO 17024 and ISO 17065.

Following the awful events at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, we decided to take fire safety more seriously than ever. We promptly got our BM TRADA certification to manage facilities more effectively.

JST Construction’s fire risk management team works tirelessly to improve your commercial spaces’ fire compliance. That is what sets us apart from our contemporaries.

To distinguish ourselves from others, we have designed our fire plans in a way to reduce the risks of fire hazards across all industrial and commercial units. And we welcome any enquiry.

How it Works

Fire compartmentation revolves around dividing a building into separate cells by utilising construction materials to prevent the passage of any fire from spreading to other cells.

As buildings becoming larger and more complex, our objectives have remained focused on constructing fire-protected units, no matter the scale of your project.

Although many buildings are built on this fundamental concept, JST Construction has improved the effectiveness of this design principle.

For commercial properties, fire compartmentation is an essential service. It increases the protection within the unit and makes escaping from the building incredibly safer. During office refurbishments, we pay special attention to fire separation to ensure your staff is far away from danger while at work.

Keen to make your office spaces fire-safe? Get in touch with our professional fire compartmentation team to get a quick solution for your units.