Fire Door Repairs Ellesmere Port, Liverpool & Manchester

JST Construction provides fire door repairs throughout Ellesmere Port, Manchester and Liverpool. We also cover North Wales. If you have noticed a fault on your fire door(s), it’s paramount that you get in touch with our accredited fire door company today to arrange for repair.

Fire doors play an integral part in maximising your overall fire safety in the best interests of your building and your people. However, when faults start to occur with your door, fire safety is compromised. Here at JST Construction, we do our utmost to provide fire door repairs at your business. In some instances, repairs won’t be possible and replacement or upgrades may be necessary to ensure compliance with the Fire Safety Order.

JST Construction provides fire door repairs and fire door inspections for a wide range of businesses and sectors including supermarkets, shops, and office buildings. Our highly-trained and experienced team offer a prompt repair service and offer the best advice in-line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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Fire Door Repairs - Facts

Under the Fire Safety Order, the ”responsible person” is required to contact an experienced and accredited fire door company if faults or concerns are identified with a fire door or fire door(s).

Failure to seek repair or replacement immediately may result in prosecution due to compromising the safety of your people, building, and nearby surroundings.

Certain elements and components may be able to be repaired including door closers, hinges, and latches (if not beyond repair).

JST Construction don’t take ANY risks whatsoever when it comes to fire doors and safety is always our number one priority. We assess your fire door and then confirm if repair or replacement is the best course of action.

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Fire Door Repairs

When it comes to fire door repairs, there are certain components that can be repaired, and others that cannot. If we can’t repair, we can replace or upgrade to ensure maximum fire safety. Below are the types of fire door faults that commonly repair;-


Door closers are an integral component of your fire door that help to keep fire and smoke in a confined space to stop the spread in the event of a fire. JST Construction are able to repair and/or replace faulty door closers to ensure maximum fire safety and compliance.


Have you recently noticed that the latches on your fire door(s) aren’t closing? If so, you’re going to want to get in touch with accredited fire door repairs as soon as possible. Often, door latches can be repaired and/or replaced depending on the extent of the faults.


Hinges are an essential component within a fire door. They help to keep the fire door in its frame and slow down the spread of the fire. If you’ve noticed that the hinges within your fire door(s) are deteriorating or not working to full operation, please get in touch with JST Construction.


Another type of fire door repair that our highly-experienced and accredited team can carry out is door realignment. This is needed when your fire door(s) fall out of alignment. This can cause gaps that can be seriously dangerous in the event of a fire.

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    Fire doors should be repaired whenever there is damage, wear, or defects that compromise their fire resistance or functionality. It is important to address repair needs promptly to ensure the door’s effectiveness in containing fire and smoke. There are many instances where JST Construction won’t be able to provide fire door repair, and replacements will be paramount. If this is the case for your fire door, we will let you know and keep you fully informed.

    Common reasons for fire door repairs include damage from impact, wear and tear over time, improper maintenance, malfunctioning hardware (such as hinges or door closers), gaps between the door and frame, damaged or missing seals, and non-compliance with fire safety standards. The extent of all faults mentioned will determine whether or not JST Construction can provide a repair or replacement.

    Signs that a fire door may need repairs include visible damage (such as cracks, dents, or holes), misalignment, excessive gaps between the door and frame, damaged or missing seals, difficulties in closing or latching the door, or non-functioning door hardware. Regular inspections can help identify repair needs.

    Fire door repairs should be performed carefully to maintain the door’s fire rating. The use of approved fire-rated materials, proper installation techniques, and adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines are crucial to preserve the fire resistance and rating of the door.

    The duration of fire door repairs can vary depending on the scope of the repairs, the availability of materials, and the specific circumstances. Minor repairs may be completed relatively quickly, while more extensive repairs or replacements may take longer. JST Construction will keep you in the loop from start to finish on the approximate time it will take to repair your fire door.