Fire Door Colours

Fire Door Colours

Fire Door Colours

Fire doors are a key part of your fire strategy as they serve the primary purpose of stopping the spread of fire for an amount of time. This could genuinely save someone’s life in the event of a fire and in a lot of cases is a legal obligation to have anyway. The health and safety of the people within a building should always come first so we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a quality set of fire doors in your building.

Fire doors are commonly made from a series of combined materials such as gypsum, glass, steel, metal, timber, or vermiculite boards as well as other fire-resistant materials. Quite simply, it is crucial to have a fire door made out of such materials because you need to have a door that can withstand extremely high temperatures and smoke exposure in order to perform a job. As well as the performance aspect, fire doors can actually be installed in a number of different colours. This article specifically goes into detail about grey and white fire doors however be sure to get in touch with us about any other colours you may be interested in. 

White and grey are quite neutral fire door colours and so are often a good pick for internal fire doors as they would fit nicely with a property or building’s aesthetic. Over the years we have built an extensive range of grey and white fire doors to our stock list because they’ve not only grown in popularity but they’re really flexible choices too. Here’s a little more information on why they’re both great choices for your next fire door. 

fire door colours

White Fire Doors

White fire doors, in our opinion ooze class but can also work brilliantly in a multitude of property types. They give off an elegant, modern but also classy vibe all at the same time. The white door itself just looks clean in most environments and there’s a variety of styles you can choose from too such as panel numbers and patterns. White fire doors, in our opinion, will never go out of fashion either meaning they’re a solid choice for the long term. If you ever decided you wanted to add a splash of colour to your fire door then white is a good base colour to paint over too. 

Grey Fire Doors

Grey is also a nice neutral colour that fits perfectly in most buildings whether it’s a multi-storey block of flats, a warehouse, an office building or anything in between. As the colour grey, despite the shade, is quite easy to produce, there are many models, designs, types and specifications of fire doors available in grey. Our full list of grey fire doors is the quite extensive meaning we’re confident we will be able to find you the perfect fire door.

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In summary, we feel white and grey fire doors are a brilliant choice for your building. They’re not garish colours so you have the option to paint over them if you’d like to in the future and they suit almost every type of building possible. If you’d like more information on fire door colours, including white fire doors or grey fire doors, we would be delighted to help here at JST Construction. Simply get in touch with our team in one of the following ways. You can call our dedicated team on 0151 355 9232, you can email us at or can use the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully installing a grey or white fire door near you.