Common Fire Door Problems

Common Fire Door Problems

Common Fire Door Problems

For any business or building owner, having a sound and proper fire safety strategy is of paramount importance. Part of this strategy will be surrounding the subject of fire doors as they’re a crucial product when it comes to keeping fire, smoke and toxic gases out should a fire break out. When in action, fire doors can provide enough time for people to escape a building, therefore protecting life as well as assets simultaneously.

However, like any other building element, fire doors can develop problems over time that compromise their effectiveness.

In this blog post, we will explore the most common fire door problems and discuss how to address them to ensure the safety of occupants and property.

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Common fire door problems we’ll be assessing through this post will include;-

  • Damaged or Worn Out Door Seals
  • Poor Initial Installation
  • Lack of Proper Maintenance
  • Poor Signage
  • Damaged or Missing Fire-Rated Glass
  • Further Issues

Damaged Or Worn Out Seals

The Problem: Worn door seals can occur on any type of door but we’d argue it’s even more of a problem on a fire door because when this occurs, it essentially nullifies any proper function of the fire door. These seals are vital for preventing the passage of smoke and hot gases during a fire. Over time, seals can become compressed, cracked, or even fall off, compromising the door’s ability to contain smoke and heat.

The Solution: The solution to this problem is by getting a professional team to do regular inspections and checks on your fire doors. We also advise that you check weekly as well as you may be able to detect obvious wear and tear on the seals. This is a normal part of a fire door’s lifespan so don’t be alarmed. Simply get in touch with a company that can fix these issues should you find anything. It’s also essential to use fire-rated seals and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation.

Poor Initial Installation

The Problem: In the past, we’ve attended to lots of properties and buildings that haven’t had their fire doors installed properly in the first place. To function to their full potential and effectively, fire doors must be installed correctly. If they are not done properly then you risk the flow of smoke, fire and toxic gas entering the space that the door is trying to protect which can be fatal in the case of an emergency.

The Solution: The solution to this problem is to consult a proper and professional installer who specialises in fire doors such as us here at JST Construction. Ensure that the installation follows building codes and regulations. Regular inspections should also be carried out to identify any installation issues and address them promptly.

Lack Of Proper Maintenance

The Problem: As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times in this blog, like any other component of a building, fire doors require regular maintenance to remain functional. Neglecting maintenance can lead to issues such as rusted hinges, loose hardware, or damaged door closers.

The Solution: Ensure maintenance work gets completed is by collaborating with a professional company who can schedule in checks for you. You may also wish to do some checks yourself which is definitely a good code of practice too. 

Poor Signage

The Problem: Another common problem we see with fire doors is the poor signage around them. If signs are broken, faded or removed then there won’t be the appropriate guidance for people during an emergency. Confusion in these circumstances can be even more chaotic and potentially fatal too.

The Solution: Conduct a thorough assessment of your building’s signage and ensure that it complies with local fire safety regulations. Install clear and visible signs indicating the location of fire doors and exit routes. In addition, make sure you regularly inspect the signage too. 

Damaged or Missing Fire-Rated Glass

The Problem: Many fire doors feature fire-rated glass to provide visibility and maintain the integrity of fire-rated barriers. However, this glass can become damaged or, in some cases, replaced with non-fire-rated glass.

The Solution: The solution to this is to inspect the fire-rated glass regularly. Look for cracks, chips, or any other bits of damage. Any damaged glass should be replaced with fire-rated glass by a qualified professional such as our JST Construction team, to maintain the door’s fire-resistant properties.

Other Issues

Other potential issues to note are things such as faulty door closers which are essential parts of fire doors. They control the speed at which the door closes, ensuring that it latches properly in the event of a fire. When door closers fail, the door may not close or latch correctly, compromising its effectiveness. Another thing to look for is a warped or swollen door. The actual panel of the door may change size or shape due to humid temperatures for example. If the door doesn’t fit snug then it can cause problems with functionality and performance. 

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