Automatic Closing Fire Doors

Automatic Closing Fire Doors

Automatic Closing Fire Doors

JST Construction provide high-quality automatic closing fire doors.

Fire doors come in plenty of designs and specifications with some brilliantly unique features too. This article in particular will focus on automatic closing fire doors, what they are exactly and why they’re useful. You’ll have walked past and probably used doors like these a million times at work, the gym, the leisure centre, the shopping centre and many more places without even taking notice of what they are.

The main job of an automatic closing fire door is to shut on its own accord when there’s a fire in a building. This means that the building becomes compartmentalised efficiently and stops the spread of fire and smoke for an extended period. This is useful because it provides more time to evacuate people from a building and could potentially save someone’s life. 

fire doors - where are they used?

Automatic Closing Fire Doors

Automatic closing fire doors are really clever pieces of equipment whereby it uses electromagnetic holders or closer/holder combinations to keep themselves ajar when it is necessary. These holder/closer systems must either contain integral smoke detectors or be connected to a fire protection system.

This differs to a self closing fire door that cannot be left ajar because it might not function properly in the event of a fire. This added sophistication of an automatic closing fire door is perfect for buildings that require high standards of health and safety for example offices and health clubs. 

One thing you must never however, is prop a fire door of any kind open with something. A common example of where this happens is in university living halls. In university halls, most bedroom doors are fire doors because if a fire were to break out in any room or a communal area, you could have your fire door shut and protect you for a certain time.

However, if the door is wedged or propped open with something then over time you may de-align the door meaning it won’t seal efficiently. Just be mindful in this situation and keep the fire doors shut to avoid a problem that could end in a fatality and therefore a definite fine, or in worst-case scenarios, a prison sentence.

Benefits Of Automatic Closing Fire Doors

There are lots of benefits to having automatic closing fire doors in businesses, landlord owned buildings and more. The most obvious benefit is that they close on their own from any angle, especially in the event of a fire. An airtight seal is created creating protection from fire, smoke and fumes.

Another benefit is that automatic closing fire doors are really easy to open and close, despite how heavy they are to install. The system put on them means they’re super easy to use and functionality is ideal for any building.

A further benefit is that automatic closing fire doors can be installed in lots of different colours, designs, sizes, finishes and specifications. This means we are certain you’ll be able to find exactly what you need for your specific requirements.

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Our team is rich with experience and knowledge on automatic closing fire doors and it’s a pleasure to be able to make buildings safer every single day. We install hundreds of automatic closing fire doors, closers and systems every single year. Our supply chain of brands that we install is absolutely fantastic and we can vouch for the quality of the product.

We simply wouldn’t put any customers at risk by installing sub-standard doors, especially when fire risk is at play. Over the years we’ve built a tremendous reputation for ourselves with a growing number of reviews being sent from customers having automatic closing fire doors put in on their buildings. The product is growing in popularity and we can see why.

For more information on automatic closing fire doors, or on what we do here at JST Construction, please get in touch with our team. You can do this by calling us on 0151 355 9232, sending us an email to or by messaging us on social media. Our team monitors all these channels regularly so we look forward to hearing from you soon regarding our automatic closing fire doors range.